Wednesday, March 17, 2010

10 more weeks...

This weekend I really started realizing how quickly little baby J is going to be here with us...

-only 10 more weeks to get everything ready
-only 10 more weeks of being on no one else's schedule but our own
-only 10 more weeks of JUST me and Nick
-only 10 more weeks until this little person joins our family
-only 10 more weeks until we are placed with the most awesome responsibility we have ever been blessed with
-only 10 more weeks until I am a MAMA!

Pretty wild...I know these next 10 weeks are going to FLY by and my goal right now is to just really enjoy and absorb this time...

And because some of you have been asking (mostly mom), here's us at 30 weeks.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ahhhhh...the weekend

*Image via Google Images

A perfect start to my weekend:
-A "Mommy-to-be-Massage" package (a gift from my fabulous sister in law!)
-Spray tan session
-Mushroom take and bake pizza from here
-Date night in with the hubs

Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend planned!

Monday, March 8, 2010

My most prized possession


Yes, truthfully this gorgeous looking blanket would be the most prized possession that I own. It was made for me when I was an infant by a sweet auntie and quickly became the item I could not live blankie. No fancy name, no super soft fabric...just a now faded, tattered, and well loved blankie.

The joke used to be:
"You'll sleep with that thing until highschool"....yep.
"You'll take that thing with you to college"...yep.
"Are you going to get married and still sleep with that blankie?"...yep.

While I have certainly graduated from the days of dragging blankie around the house with me everywhere I go, I still prefer to sleep with it. Yes, I confess, I can sleep without it now, but I much prefer to have it. It certainly ensures a better nights sleep and provides just the right amount of extra neck support with my pillow.

So the question that baby J is coming in T minus 2 1/2 months (ahhh!) is it FINALLY the time I have to give up sleeping with blankie? Does becoming a parent mean I should probably not have a security blanket? Will it be weird one day when she's like "Mom, what is this tattered blanket hidden behind your pillow??"

Here's what I think...I love that blanket, and really, she's not going to be talking for a while so I should be fine for at least say, another couple of years, right?

Don't answer that. My decision has been made. The blanket stays. At least for now.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy News!


Congratulations to my little Kricklett and her Kevin on their engagement this weekend! As her dad Terry would say, these two are "quite the pair" and are just perfect for each other. I am beyond thrilled for them!!