Friday, April 23, 2010

For my college girls...

Okay, so I realize my posts have a been a little baby heavy, or Glee heavy...but I just MUST post one more in case any of my college gals out there did not catch this weeks Glee (or if you were like Michelle and I, and your DVR cut off the last 5 minutes...aka best 5 minutes in television history)

If you've been to any of our weddings, birthday celebrations, or just ever hung out with us for an extended period of time, you will know that "Like a Prayer" has a very, and I do mean VERY, special place in our hearts. It started I think junior year of college. My girlfriend Cabe and I actually like to take a bit of ownership in starting what we coined the "nerdiest dance ever" during a specific section of the song (which is only on the Immaculate Collection version).

That quickly morphed into what the girls and I now call the "Ree Ree dance".

During graduation I can remember coming home and Jamie yelling out the window of our 2nd floor house (lovingly named The Whiskey) to "Get up here and put on your graduation robe!! They double perfectly as 'Like a Prayer' choir robes!" And with that, our performances continued.

I'm sure by this point if you don't know us, we are sounding quite strange..

But sometimes things get weird. And sometimes those weird things stick. Like our dance. Like our Madonna song. Every time I hear it I think of my girls. I think of our celebrations and the many, many times we have sung and danced to this song together.

I hope we never stop.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's official...

We've entered the mu-mu stage...

April Showers...

To welcome in our soon-to-be May flower! (or I suppose possibly June flower, but lately I've been feeling more like she'll be here earlier than later...)

Baby girl and I were so blessed again this weekend with TWO more incredible showers. It means so much to gather with so many special friends and family and to know that she will come into this world with so many amazing women as her role models!

Me and Auntie Courty, the hostess. The cute cake is made up of about 40 diapers...


Then on Sunday (which was a gorgeous spring day here in Seattle), my good friend Amy hosted at her house...more delicious food, more fabulous friends and adorable gifts!

Yahoo!! Who's excited for some baby butt paste?!

Towards the end of the shower, Miss Addie came home and was curious where my baby was...I explained that she was still in my belly, and shortly after we saw her come out with her "baby" aka stuffed animal shoved up her shirt! I thought it was pretty hysterical. Dave thought it was pretty weird.

Miss Glassy Baby

Our weekend was kicked off to a great start celebrating Miss Jamie McQuary turning 30 years old! Her celebration was held at the most perfectly suited location for her...the GlassyBaby store and ware house! (she probably has about 50 Glassy Babies herself...okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but she's got a lot!)

Here is our cutest in all her glassy glory!

Here we are checking out the glass blowers-

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where on earth was I...

And WHY didn't I know about this??!

Michelle forwarded this awesome Glee Flash Mob to me today that took place this past Sunday down at Westlake Center. Way to go Seattle!! Perfect timing for my favorite show starting back up tonight...can't wait!

Monday, April 12, 2010


This weekend baby girl and I were showered with love from my most amazing friends and family! As mom and I were driving to the shower, I kept thinking to myself that this would be a day I would always very first baby shower. The girls did an amazing job putting it all together and I am still overwhelmed with gratitude at all the lovely gifts.


Me and the soon-to-be Grammie


All my special Aunties made the trip over!


Auntie Shelly...we are both laughing in this picture as Rothie was describing her "Pots of Gold" she made :)


Lucky us...we had the award winning Key Lime Pie cupcakes made by my dear Ms. Suzy Q, better known as the Seattle Celeb, Jamie of All Trades. And oh my...they were better than I even remembered them being!


The preggies of the party, in order of due date. I never would have dreamed that three of my close friends would be pregnant the same time as me, but it is such a treat to go through these life changes together...


All the gals. I only wish there was a picture of Mike in all his paparazzi glory with everyone's camera's hanging from his neck getting this shot.

Thank you my was a perfect day!

Monday, April 5, 2010

My peeps


We had a lovely Easter celebration this weekend! Church included some of my favorite songs, and was followed by Easter brunch with some of my favorite peeps. We hosted at our place this year with most of Nick's siblings and enjoyed some seriously good food.


I knew it would be a good idea to Paul in charge of dessert. Red Velvet cake from Whole Foods. AMAZING. The dangerous fact though is that half of the cake is leftover and still sitting in my kitchen. Uh-oh.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Celebrating Auntie!

Last weekend, my mom's side of the family all gathered in Walla Walla to celebrate the 60th birthday of my special Auntie Kay. We took on a motto that my girlfriends and I often enact, which is "no separation!". We rented a very large house (enough to sleep 18+ people) just outside of town. It was perfect! Situated in the foothills, room for the dogs to run around (and hopefully not get any ticks...yikes) and room for everyone to hang together.


The weather on Saturday was a perfect WW spring day...we took advantage by bumming around cute downtown and trying out some wineries we hadn't been to before (I have to admit though, even in adorable WW, wine tasting doesn't have quite the allure when you can't be tasting...)





Saturday night was a delicious shrimp creole dinner and more celebrating of Auntie...complete with a slide show (and you know how I feel about slide shows...LOVE them!) We are quite blessed.