Thursday, May 23, 2013


 Not exactly.

6 months.

How on earth are we six months into her year? Half-way? Seriously?


This little dove has stolen our hearts.
I can remember being pregnant with her, knowing that I loved her with everything I was...while at the same time wondering how it would be possible to love another as much as I loved her sister? It sounds bad, but when one little person is all you know- it's hard to imagine it any other way.

And then she came.

And it was like our little missing puzzle piece was found. She was (and is) so perfect for our family. And it's true what they all say...your heart just grows and grows. It's quite amazing really.
With her whole heart issue going on, I find myself in a rather interesting position at times. Part of me wanting her to get bigger, get bigger...and another part of me wanting to hang on to those precious infant days. I already miss them. I love my tiny girl. I love how she snuggles in my neck. I love that sweet baby smell. 
This second time around as a parent brings with it the knowledge that time flies by shockingly fast.
I worry less about sleep schedules, the fact that she's in our room still (and sometimes co-sleeping), that we still aren't really sleeping through the night, or reading every night what a 6 month old should be doing.
Because really, it's engrained in me now.
She's rolling, she's happy, she's gabbering, she's grabbing...and even though she is tiny, she is thriving.
This time around I worry about time passing too quickly. Am I doing everything I can to absorb her and these precious days? Am I documenting enough? Will I remember everything that happened months down the road?
And so I breathe her in and say a thankful prayer each day for our little Madeleine. I love you so my little dove. Happy 6 months baby.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mother's Day.

I am quite certain that the best days of my life have been since I have become a mama.
These girls of mine make life beautiful and meaningful in a way that I've never known before.
Challenging...yes. But, oh so good.

The girls' school had their annual Mother's Tea and without fail, it was the hands down cutest performance I ever did see. Clearly I'm not biased.


Mother's Day happened to follow Teacher Appreciation week this year (or does that happen every year?), which seems only appropriate because these caring, special women mother my girls daily. We are so blessed with the friends and staff that look after our girls when we have to be away from them, and Charlotte was pretty excited to give them a little thank you gesture.



My girls. Thank you for making me a mama.
"I feel whole at last."
Meg Matthews 

Monday, May 13, 2013

5 years.

5 years married.

That's cause for celebration, right?

We thought so.

So a few weeks ago, we packed up the car (NOT a lesson in living with simplicity, FYI) and headed up to Oak Harbor to enjoy the gorgeous early summer weather that we were temporarily blessed with in the Pacific Northwest.

And if we're being honest, to also ditch the kids for a night with the grandparents and have a night away.
(Any lingering hesitation I had at leaving Madeleine for the first time was quickly dismissed in knowing she was in loving hands with Teta...and the mussels and wine at Toby's in Coupeville didn't hurt either.)

It was the perfect weekend. A blend of sunshine, family time, and husband time.

Oh, and champagne. Always champagne.



5 years of memories. And so very many more to come.

I love you all the way my sweets.