Monday, February 28, 2011

Love/Hate maybe love it a strong word to use here, but atleast she isn't hating her tummy any longer...

There is hope that crawling might actually happen one of these days.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Colds, Coughs and Coordination

That kind of sums up what life has been like here at the Juhl household as of lately.

Between the colds, the pink eye, the dr.'s appointments, figuring out who was going to stay home from work, bringing squish to client appointment, late night cough sessions that leave me questioning how there can't possibly be more to help besides humidifiers and drops of applejuice...throw in there a leaky outdoor faucet (read: water bill 2 times the normal amount at the height of summertime) and a dislodged car window that mysteriously dropped into the car door (yes, that really happened)...I was oh so ready for a three day weekend.


It's tough stuff having a sick kiddo...and the thing of it is, that life continues...and you have to find a way keep everything else coordinated and moving forward, when all you really want to do is stay in your pj's in bed and snuggle her all day long. Because certainly if you could just do that, everything would be just fine.

Okay, so not really...but it sure feels like that sometimes.


Not to worry my friends, we are on the mend (still battling the night cough attacks) but what I've mostly walked away from this past week with is a deeper appreciation and thankfulness for my husband. He is so active, and involved, and present, and available as both a daddy and a husband...I sometimes wonder how we got so fortunate.

Don't get me wrong, we have our struggles and challenges just like any couple does...but with the ups and the downs, he always helps me remember that the ups outnumber the downs by about a million...and that helps me get through the rough weeks. How couldn't it with those stats right?


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Hearts Day


Wishing you all love in expected and unexpected places today!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This & That. And the loveliness of ordinary.

Tonight is going to be a random post. A glimpse into our daily lives. Our day-to-day.

Because sometimes I don't have anything really important to say (I like to think that sometimes I do...right?? no?)
Life has been ordinary. But not ordinary in a negative way at all...actually quite the opposite. Ordinary in the most wonderful sense of the word. Ordinary in the best way possible.

With recent news of some very special people being diagnosed and affected by the horrible C word, the important things in life are once again put in drastic perspective.

These special individuals diagnosed? Well not to worry. They are fighters. They are going to be just fine. But even still, it makes me stop...pause...

and feel thankful for...

Our little miss curious...


Game nights with friends...
Because there certainly can never be enough game nights. I intend on really increasing their appearence in our lives.

Game night

Followed by deep talks amidst play kitchens. It's how we roll these days.


Family walks around the lake...
And the heavy February fog/mist that frequents our city.




Naked babies on fur rugs after baths...
No more explanation needed on that one I don't think-


Morning stories...


Hey mom, why are you taking pictures right's time to eat...


Okay I'm not see how close I am to your blanket right now...I'm not against spitting up on it to get what I want...


Seriously??? WHY aren't you listening to me?

*For the record, that was the last picture taken that morning.

The sweet comfort that comes from finger/thumb sucking...


As only we former thumb suckers know...

Toes in the sand and best friends...


No, that is not a recent picture, and yes I realize this is most definitely not my normal day. But it does represent something special... a picture to use in anticipation of times ahead. My best girl Michelle is engaged...and getting Mexico...and I am a co-Matron of Honor. And I couldn't be more honored! When I got married, I gave my girls this little sign that said, "Friends are our chosen Family". It couldn't be more true than with you are my family and I am thankful for you daily. So looking forward to our toes in the sand again.

And of course, this smile...
Always this sweet, sweet smile.

So I head to bed tonight, feeling so very thankful for ordinary days.