Sunday, June 29, 2008

Reunion...Round II

Tonight was the dinner at the Elk's Club...(the sign was corrected by this time)...Kristen, Kricky, Michelle and me at Kricks house before Terry, Kris's dad, dropped us off. know sometimes people say that folks come back to their 10 year reunion, really try to show off, look good to others, rent limo's....not these's parents picking us up and dropping us off all weekend! I love it!
$1 jello shots?! why not?If there would have been a Spirit Award given for the night, Miss Krissy most certainly would have won!! Her rapping skills are quite impressive! Unfotunately though....
Much of the evening looked like this...

Still had a great time fun to see these gals who I grew up with and just pick up where we left off. There is a history there that is just so special, and regardless of much or little we all talk...somethings are just always the same when you go back to Walla Walla. I love you sweet town!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day of Babes...

Saturday day was my day to get to see ALL the adorable babes of the friends from high school... and let me tell you...there are a LOT of them! It is so amazing to me to see the little ones of good friends...they are all so unique and precious. I'm so happy I had this opportunity to meet so many of them!
Tera's baby Samantha...could that belly be any cuter??
Nicole and her son, Ryder...Me and Wendi's little munchkin Carter...he is SUCh a mini Wendi!! I felt really good that he let me hold him, Wendi said he doesn't usually let a lot of people hold him...I must have the magic touch! The mom's...hope I am that cute when I am someday a mommy!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hello Sunshine!

To me, having a day off when you know everyone else is working makes the day even THAT much better! Someone set this Friday on perfect....a run with Sam dog in the morning (though I did think he was going to have a heart attack, he may have outgrown his running days...) around cute downtown with my even cuter mama...

...delicious lunch at Luscious...

...lounging at the pool with Krissy...

...thankfully, catching a pic of the absurd sign at the Elk's Club before they corrected it. 50th Reunion? Seriously? The didn't see the error??

...seeing everyone at The Green Lantern (which, BTW is FULLY is totally the classy Green now...
...and ending the night by calling mom to come pick me up at 1:30 a.m.- thanks mom! Bit of a lack of cabs in Walla...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Say W-W-H-S....Is the best!

Thursday after work: Krissy and I are taking off over the mountains to our cutest Walla Walla for our 10 year reunion...I am SO excited! What a blessing it was to grow up in such an adorable town and with such fun friends. I have such fond memories of my childhood and high school days, and I just can't wait to get there for some sunshine and trips down memory lane....YAY!
The Terminator's of 98er (I know...most awesome name ever, right?!....kidding.) We were certainly missing our Beekers this weekend though...just not quite the same without her!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

When you get married....

(if you aren't already) I totally recommend registering at Macy's. Why you may ask?
-I feel like they are very prevalent and easy for most people to shop at, no matter if you live in the city or more rural areas.
-They really do have a great selection of goodies
-BUT BEST OF ALL....they accumulate a certain percentage of everything purchased off your registry, and then a percentage as well from anything you purchase at Macy's, from the time you register until a couple months after your wedding. Then they just send you a gift card for the heck of it with the total of that percentage.

So today we got a gift card in the mail for about $280! Sa-weet!!! Thanks Macy's!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Beautiful Wedding!

Mike and Erin's wedding was absolutely fabulous!! The weather turned out great, the bride was gorgeous (as were the bridesmaids!), great food, good friends, and LOTS of dancing!
I love this idea of a destination wedding that is only 2 hours away. It creates such a fun mini-vaca with a bunch of your close, there is a wedding celebration! Brilliant. We all headed over Friday for the rehearsal dinner, and then stayed at Mt. Springs Lodge for the entire weekend. It felt like we were back in college...literally. All sleeping in the loft sleeping porch, getting up, talking about the night before, hanging out all day, getting ready together...I loved that there was no separation!!

Such a special weekend....I heart wedddings!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008


Can't wait until 3:30 today...we'll be heading over to Leavenworth for Mike and Erin's wedding! It is at the Mountain Springs Lodge so all the guests will be staying together for the celebrating! Since Nicholas is still in Georgia, I have been bumped from a room to the sleeping porch...thanks a lot Nick! Only kidding...I actually think the porch is going to be a blast!

Congrats excited for you! Actually....I don't think either of you read my blog so it is kind of funny that I write as if I'm saying it to you. Let's just say I'm sending those good thoughts out into the universe for them!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Meat" Mountain

So my detoxing/cleansing girls and I made a fabulous vegan meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy last night...and it.was.good!! It was the first time I've actually felt full on the cleanse!Our meatloaf quickly became lovingly referred to as the Meat Mountain, or Meat Maddness because we didn't have our loaf pan, so we had to make it in pie pan. It still turned out great though and oh-so-good!
I love cooking with my girls....such a fun night!

Tricky Trickster

It worked!!! I was successfully able to trick myself this morning with my decaf coffee and hazelnut soy creamer! Certainly, not the same as my daily ritual of the Coffemate creamer...but it satisfied the craving. YAY!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cleanse Day 2

So day two of the cleansing diet went pretty well....oh, oops, except for the time I CHEATED! I couldn't help it though....I may not be able to give up coffee. I just might have to face the facts. I had a soy latte this afternoon after fighting the urge all morning long.

Tomorrow is another day though. Be strong Courtney.

Man Chores = No Fun

So with Nicholas gone for 2 weeks... I am left to all the man chores myself. It is funny, after living together for 5 months now, we have kind of settled into certain "roles" without really even realizing it...we both cook together (though Nick mans the BBQ), I typically do the dishes, as well as the laundry and most house hold cleaning (yes, this includes Swiffering). Nick takes care of the garbage, mowing the lawn, and taming the crazy tiers in the backyard.
Before mowing the lawn myself...I may have said this was an easy job. Not the case. We just have one of those old push lawn mowers and it was a serious workout getting that lawn done! But, I did it...pat on the back for one Man Chore done.

So...I'm ready for Nick to come home now!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Room with a view...

What a wonderful Father's Day today was! Although I had to say goodbye to Nicholas for 2 weeks (wah!) and although I am missing him terribly already (double wah!)...he is off to Georgia for an exciting learning experience for his career.
I went for a run, in...get this...the SUN! It was fabulous!
Krissy, Michelle and I layed out (with sunscreen of course!) in our backyard and just chatted, enjoyed the Vitamin D exposure that have been so lacking.
My new family all came over for dinner...Court, Chris, Allie and Hans...we BBQ'd, played some Bocci Ball and just enjoyed the lovely evening.

As I sit down to my blog this evening, I think of dad...listening to an old Carolyn Dawn Johnson song, "Room with a View", that always brings tears to my eyes:

"Now you've got a room with a view... A window to the world
You always had your sights set high
And now that you're gone...your memory lives on...and I see you smiling in my mind
With angels as visitors, dropping by, your room with a view".

I feel so fortunate that on days like today that could easily be very sad days...I am surrounded by friends and family who I love so very much, and who love me and lift me up every day. Thank you to each of you.
To my dad, my grandpa, my papa, and to my new fathers-in-law....thank you to all of you for shaping who I am...and who Nicholas is. We love you!

The Sleasman's Shower!

The "Entertainment Themed" shower for Justin and Laura couldn't have been more fun!! We celebrated this fabulous, active couple at Jason's house...a.k.a. entertainment capital of the Northwest!
All the girls!

The cute Elhardt's explaining the Newlywed Game we would be playing to us...and yes, Nick and I won, duh! Justin and Laura were so excited about their Camel no need to stop for water breaks on their runs and hikes! They kept them on all night! Kels rockin' out to Rock Band in Jason's amazing entertainment word, INCREDIBLE! Drums: Jason, Base: Krissy, Guitar: Lauren, Vocals: Courtney--- we REALLY rocked it! 90th percentile of course.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Saturday!!!
Time for some yard work....


I realize today last nights posting is a bit dramatic....but those tribute shows just really get ya every time, don't they?

Friday, June 13, 2008

I feel a bit ashamed...

Today when I learned that Tim Russert died I didn't realize who he was, and what exactly he meant to our country. We have been watching a tribute to him all night...he was the voice of politics that I feel I really could have connected to...and I feel ashamed that I didn't watch him while his talent was with us.

He asked the questions we wanted answers to, that many journalists wouldn't ask, all the while being the most gentlemanly person. And everyone has the abosolute BEST things to say about him!! I have been tearing up all night watching his tribute about the person he was. Honestly watching this show, makes him one of my hands down favorite newspeople. Some of my favorite quotes include: (sorry, I just typed them as quick as I could...I can't remember who said each of them)

-He adored his father Big Russ.

-"He appeared to be the father to his son that we all would be proud of. "

-"Always show up...always be prepared..always do your job" (quoting his father Big Russ)

"What a county!!" (Amazing...even when we don't understand all the remember, WHAT A COUNTY WE HAVE! I love it!)

"He didn't preach....he just did his job," -Barbara Walters.

"He was the kind of guy you would want to sit down and watch a football game with and have a beer ..but then he's brilliant"

"All the good things you are hearing are actually true"

"Sharing of information....looking towards the team"

"A razor sharp intelliect"- Tom Brokaw

"Simple...I view Meet the Press as a National treasure, and I am a temporary custodian"

"Go Get 'em"

"Intelligent, persistent, fairminded journalist..."

"Everything you can only hope that your children look at that and hope to be as true as you are to those words."

It seems that he was such a role model, a researcher, a family man... he helped the journalists know what was needed:
"He knew what the American people wanted to hear..and we have lost that now..."

I say a prayer for him, and for us, tonight.

Oh happy Friday...

-Slept in half hour
-work (kind of a frustrating day, but oh well...)
-kitty nap
-workout videos
-fabulous dinner made by my cutest husband...steaks, BBQ'd corn on the cob, wine
-listening to favorite music and reading news and blog posting while Nick sits next to me watching the Mariners...trying to explain to me who each player is...these are the sweet special times that make my heart happy.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Tonight was the monthly event that we (the SCCA Volunteers) put on at the Fred Hutch School- such fun! It never ceases to amaze me the strength and courage of the human spirit...and how necessary to healing laughter is. Our goal as volunteers is that we can, in some small way, help patients and families battling cancer have a "night off" and that we can bring them some of that laughter.

The children are always the ones who amaze me and touch me the most it seems. Tonight, there were these two most precious little girls who came who had been raised in Egypt! People literally come here from all over the world for treatment. The little girls were there on their own (ages 10 and 6 I'm guessing) because their parents were at the hospital at a treatment session. They were the most well mannered, sweetest, most precious little girls you have ever seen...I wanted to scoop them up and hug them for hours!

Sadly though, I have to report on one of the most appauling scenes I have seen as well. It is no our Bingo night, everyone is going to be a winner. Everyone gets a prize, usually multiple prizes. Well, everyone had won atleast once except for the youngest little girl who I was just describing. Earlier when she first arrived she mentioned that the only thing she wanted was this little camera from the prize station. Note: this camera is probably about $10 from Bartells.

Well, there was an older lady at Bingo Night as well...a caregiver of another patient who basically had a stand off with the camera and this little girl! One of the other volunteers had even HIDDEN the camera playfully to save for the little girl....but this older lady went and picked it as her own prize!! A volunteer friend of mine asked her very nicely if she would mind giving the camera up for the little girl since she so desperately wanted it...and was crying the hugest alligator tears for it. And do you know what she said? No, she wanted it. NO? Seriously? WHO DOES THAT?! I was just completely baffled. assured, my volunteer friend went and bought her that camera from Bartells after Bingo was over tonight. So, it does have a happy ending.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Breakfast for Dinner

Though not at all glamorous...we had one of my fav dinners ever tonight: Breakfast for dinner! Complete with PJ's to the dinner table and all! Maybe it is because it reminds of childhood and my dad always making breakfast for dinner, but something about it is so comforting. Cutie in the Kitchen!


Okay- I know this is rude, but for some reason Ina Garten, otherwise known as our good friend "The Barefoot Contessa", and her husband Jeffrey gross me out!! Today at the gym I was lucky enough to get one of the machines with the T.V. right in front of naturally I turned it to the Food Network. It's the only thing I work out to! I am usually really excited when The Barefoot Contessa is on, but they were seriously making out, saying really annoying comments the whole time....bleh. And maybe it's irritating because it all seems so fake??

Who knows, but I know Jamie shares my annoyance with me on this one. Thanks girl.

Desperately Seeking...

No, not Susan...but THURSDAY! Why, you might ask?! Because it is actually supposed to be somewhat nice here...68 degrees. That might not sound like a lot to some of you out there...but to these Seattle-ites, it's the best we've seen in awhile here...and heavens knows we need it!! Hurry hurry summer come to me! (a little Paula Abdul reference never hurt anyone)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy "Biggest Loser" Moment was a sad day last week when I had my last workout session with Ryan my trainer. As most of you know, I felt I could justify the cost when I was getting in shape for the wedding...but now, it just seems like too much money to spend.

That being said...I don't want to digress on the progress I have made with him. But IT.IS.HARD!! I've always been able to get myself to go running, or get on the elliptical...but strength training?! It is just such pure torture that I've never really stuck with it.

Today though, I felt like I could hear Trainer Bob (from The Biggest Loser) cheering me on! They always say that the show is giving the contestants the tools necessary for success after they leave the show, and that is exactly how I felt today! Ryan gave me a very detailed outline of a workout to follow...and I am happy to report, I was able to torture myself with the weights "Go Me!" moment! YAY!

Now if only I didn't eat that package of Peanut M&M's earlier today..... ah well!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Final Concert!

Tonight is our last concert of the '07-'08 season! I like the pieces we are doing this time, so I'm pretty excited about it. Though, there are still parts that I continue to get tongue-tied on with the German when it starts going really fast- yikes! Cute George at rehearsal yesterday....the picture is kind of dark but just wanted to post how darn cute he is!! He is one of the funniest people I have ever met...has the wittiest comments ever! It is a joy to sing with him and the OSSCS!

Go Big Brown!

Today for the Belmont Stakes, we went over to AJ and Angie's to watch the big race! I have never really been into horse racing, but I kind of fell in love with Big Brown. He won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, and was favored to win the Belmont...making him the first triple crown winner in like 30 years or something (how is that for some fun fact info!). Since AJ is the HR Manager at UPS, we had Big Brown buttons to support our guy! I did accidentally keep saying "Go Big Blue" though....those high school cheerleading days are just ingrained in me I guess! Sadly, Big Brown did not win....he actually got last place. I think he was really sad about could kind of just tell. We later headed to Ivar's Salmon House....and then the Roanoke, a cutie little bar near Eastlake. Nick and I were tired Coffee Hour hosts this morning at church!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

"What you bloggin' about Willis?"- Nick to me this a.m., pretty pleased with his funny!

It arrived!!

Our bedroom furniture was delivered yesterday-- YAY!! I've never had a complete matching bedroom set, so I am feeling pretty darn happy about it. Thankfully, Paulie was here yesterday to let the movers in...they did find a surprise of a dust bunny the size of a football under our bed when they had to move the furniture! Those guys just come out of nowhere! I mean, we all know how I love my Swiffer?

Anyways, pics here...mostly so mom can see it!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Paulie is here!

Paul flew in last night for a bachelor party he is going to this weekend, so Nick picked him up at the airport and he stayed with us last night in "his" room. It's funny...whoever happens to be staying with us, the guest room becomes their room. It's "Paul's Room" or "Terry's Room" or "Nelson's Room"....just depending on the guest! I love it!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Paul at our wedding:

I love all of the girls' faces in this picture!

Yes...that is Paul singing on the dance floor...and enjoying it!
And yes...that is Paul with two glasses of champagne in his outstetched hands!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

One Month as a Mrs!

And LOVING it!! Can't believe it has already been one month since Nick and I got married! Don't worry...I won't be posting a monthiversary comment every month...but the first month is big!!

Auntie gave us a wedding gift and card last night, and I just loved the words on the card:

"As partners and friends
May you share each other's dreams
Ease each other's burdens
and be in love all the days of your life."

This is my hope and my goal for our lives together. Love you hubby!