Sunday, January 17, 2016

The BIG Christmas post.

Oh, December.
Once again you did not disappoint. My most favorite month of year.
So much planning, and memory making and enjoying.
This year, perhaps more than ever, I really wanted to absorb all the wonder that the holiday brings with really feel present and aware during these days.
Because the girls...and their ages...the belief...the magic of it all...I am very aware right now that some of our most cherished days are being lived right now.
It's happening. And I am overwhelmingly grateful for them all.
Charlotte was telling me the other day how she remembers things by taking a lot of pictures in her mind.
Oh my girl, I took SO many pictures in my mind this holiday season.
Of you, your sister, your daddy.
Of us.
Of friends and family.
And of these special days.
(but don't worry, I also took about 500 pictures on my camera too, so here we go...)
Our first Christmas in our new home!!

Annual trip to Swanson's to find our perfect tree...along with a little visit to the reindeer and camel. 

Decorating is even more fun now with my little helper elves!


Celebrating with friends
Our tradition continued at Suncadia for Bake Off weekend...though the baking and crafting are getting less and less prominent, and catching up, card writing, wine drinking have taken the front seat.

Friends visiting from near and far.

Friends cozied under our roof.

Friend gift exchanges and traditions that continue

Gingerbread houses with sugar and spice.
Literally and figuratively.

Kindergarten Elf Day
(thanks Teta for making the elf outfit!)

Letters to Santa

Long winter naps


Christmas Program #1
...where a certain someone claimed she was going to be the loudest singer, but got a tad stage fright.

Christmas Program #2
Oh Miss Charlotte...listening to your little voices singing, and watching you bravely and confidently go on stage to say your speaking lines...we were so very proud of you!

Scenes from around the house

Visiting Santa with mixed emotions

The excitement of our new Advent Calendar Tree
(made by our talented Auntie Kay)

Sneaking in a date night!

Nutcracker magic with my big kid
Such a special afternoon for us, and I just adored the new set and choreography this year!

Go team Annuity Source!
Friday's with my little mini

CandyCane Lane
We confirmed this  year that it is even better on foot! 

Caroling with the Daisy Troop gals!

Reindeer Food making afternoon with best buds 

Oak Harbor Christmas
Karaoke concerts
Uncle Hans: the Living Christmas Tree
Puzzle making
Aunties and Uncles
Handmade nightgowns (with ones to match the baby dolls!)


Christmas Break baking, cooking and journal writing

Christmas Eve Day city adventuring
Ice Skating
Hot cocoa-ing

Christmas Eve service
The weary world rejoices...

Sugared up and ready for Santa!

A quick reindeer food runway this year as it was pouring rain...


Christmas morning
Santa came!
The joy of giving and receiving
Breakfast scramble
PJ's until noon
A beautiful, cozy mess

And finally Grammie arrives!! 
Samish Island Christmas
The new stroller makes the traveling team
Barbie doll heirloom
Our own version of "Big" on the lifesize piano
Tom & Jerry's with the pro maker
"Sock" theme this year




"Christmas waves a magical wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful."
-Norman Vincent Peal