Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And just like that...

Fall is upon us.

I have turned the heat on (only in the mornings and the evenings before bed...I really resisted as long as I could on this one), my Ugg slippers and boots have once again made their way into my wardrobe, my fall decorations are out, I had tomato and basil soup today, tea this evening...and I just want to hunker down at home.

And have I mentioned that I kind of love it?

These last few weeks have been pretty wild and exciting here, and I'm excited for the pace of life to hopefully slow down a bit. Even still though, it's hard to believe that it is almost October!

These last few weeks we've:
Enjoyed our 12th and final wedding of the year (yes you read that correctly, 12th!) Drew and Emily's wedding was a wonderful celebration with so many of our close friends. Such a lovely evening...even if I was an oldie hawn and made the limo take us home :)


Dined on brunch with Nick's family...

And cheered on the Seahawks with Dave and Amy...

So far, I think Fall is off to a pretty good start!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Look what came this week!Our very own Peaceful Progression Alarm Clock! I am in love.
I have been wanting one of these babies for a long time, and as fall has settled in here in the Northwest with it's darker mornings beginning, I thought that I would finally make the purchase. While it's space-aged look does nothing for me aesthetically speaking, it's other wonders well make up for it's lack in decor appeal (and it gets hidden when not actually in use).
The alarm starts to go off about 30 minutes prior to when you want to wake up. As it goes off it plays the nature sound of your choice: ocean, running creek, crickets, white noise...and the light gradually fills your room. So when it reaches the time you need to really be out of bed, your room is illuminated similar (though of course not exactly) like it would be from the sun. PLUS...as it lights up aromatherapy beads are heated and fill your room with your desired sent.
Told ya. I'm in love.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Whidbey Island Wedding!

It's that time again! Yep...you guessed it, a weekend wedding recap! What else would we be doing on a Saturday?!

This weekend was the wonderful, gorgeous, and fabulously fun wedding of my cousin Katey and her new hubby Greg. They had the most perfect weather one could imagine for a September outdoor wedding...it was absolutely amazing!

It took place on the nearly 400 acres of land that belong to an aunt and uncle of Katy's on the west side of Whidbey Island. The views were absolutely stunning, as was the bride!

IMG_4278 copy


I am pretty much in love with my family, so hanging out with all of them in celebration was an evening of perfection!



Mom and Auntie having quite a fun time on the dance floor!

The sunset. I was rather obsessed with it.

Alek was about the cutest dancer I've ever seen! He had some serious moves. Here's he and Nick cuttin' a rug!

Monday, September 7, 2009

La Conner Wedding Weekend

The wedding celebration of Shane and Steph this Labor Day weekend was nothing short of gorgeousness! Every little detail was so thought out and perfectly executed, starting with our sweet welcome bags at the Bed and Breakfast that we stayed at!

The fresh, simple flowers were actually one of my favorite features. Steph used basil in the bouquets so everytime you were near one you could smell the sweet fragrance! So clever.


Having met through the navy, it was so neat to see some of the special traditions that were included in the celebration. I love that Lieutenant Shane wore his whites, that as they entered they walked through a sword brigade (not sure the real accurate title of this), and they cut their cake with a sword!


And even though the weather wasn't probably initially what they had in mind for their day, it held off just fine. The big top tent, space heaters, lights, candles...it all made for such a romantic evening. We kept saying we felt as if we were in a movie.



These shoes belong to some of the young girls in Steph's youth group class who helped in the ceremony. I just adore their colored converse look!



What fun friends...have I mentioned I love weddings??

Mums the word

Sunday morning before the downpour started, I was happy to get my fall mums planted in the front yard. I'd been really wanting some more color in the front for a while and these cutie little mums were just perfect.




It's amazing how happy these little guys can make me!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Playing Doctor

Looks like you can just call us Mr. and Mrs. Dr for the weekend.

Our poor little Max had some impromptu surgery today. On Wednesday this week, out of no where, we woke up and his entire eye and eye area were completely swollen. Initially they were treating it for a cold in his eye, but when Nicholas took him back in this morning...well, let's just say there was an explosion. I will spare you all the details because I know I certainly wouldn't want to read about them, but he had a very large abscess above his eye that burst while in the doctors office. THANK goodness it happened there. I am quite certain I would have fainted at the site of all the blood. I'm still having trouble looking at it. I've felt like I'm going to puke more than once.

So he's back home now, looking quite pitiful, but being loved more than ever.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


No, not music factory...Court and Chris's WEDDING! Their wedding this weekend outside of Leavenworth in Plaine, WA was a celebration! Seriously, I think from the moment we stepped foot on the grounds we started the celebrating, and didn't stop until we left on Sunday.

Mt. Springs Lodge is such a gorgeous spot for a destination wedding that isn't too far of a destination. There was a boys lodge, a girls lodge, a main lodge...it was just like we were back in summer camp!




I loved the vintage look that C&C created for their special day...it was a perfect match with the feel of the place. The boys were adorable I thought in their suspenders and bow-ties, and it was so incredible that Court's wedding dress was worn by her grandma, her mom, her aunt...and now her!


Paul sabering some champagne. Unfortunately there is no pic from later that evening when I sabered my first bottle! I was quite pleased with myself...



Such a wonderful weekend, filled with lots of love, surrounded by some seriously WILD, CRAZY, FUN people.
Just what a wedding should be!