Thursday, December 20, 2012

And the fa la la'ing continues...

As hard as it is to believe that Christmas is upon in us in just 5 days, I feel a certain amount of peace tonight as I sit down to write.
The gifts are wrapped and organized, Charlotte's last day at school for a bit was today, and my mom arrived this afternoon.
The holidays have really been in force for this entire month, but I feel that starting today it's like, game on Christmas.
 For the rest of the month we'll be surrounding ourselves with family and absorbing all the goodness, craziness and love that comes with that.
Two of my favorite ornaments on our tree...a deer with only one mangled ear left that was mine as a child, and handmade iceskates by my great-grandmother.
Since we last checked in...more December fun...
A Christmas concert
concert 1
Why Lily, what a lovely dress you are wearing this evening!
Elf on the Shelf fun...including the 25 minute movie (thanks for the tip Miss Rothie!)
Sometimes I'm amazed kids buy this whole thing...I mean, is he not a bit creepy?!
Annual Girlfriend Gift Exchange...I think it's been going on 10 years now? Including the Lightning Round. And goodness knows you don't mess with the Lightning Round.
gift exchange
Tree gazing.
More cookie time...
Both my girls at one you think they look like sisters?!
one month- girls
With all this fa la la'ing and merriment making, it has to be noted that it hasn't come without a heavy heart at the news from Newtown, Conneticuit. The day of the shootings I was plastered to my television, tears streaming, imagining the parents of the kiddos kissing them goodbye for the day...never knowing in their worst nightmares how much their worlds would change that day. It is too much. It hurts too much to imagine...and yet, I think we have all tried to put ourselves in their position and share some of the burden. To somehow, across the miles help their hurting hearts by knowing that so many people are lifting them up. I truly have no words, so I will end with a quote from someone much wiser than me:
"When the world feels too loud, we must be quiet. When the world feels too violent, we must be peaceful. When the world seems evil, we must be good."
Praying for peace this holiday season.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Celebrations and Outings.

Oh December how I love you.
An entire month dedicated to the holidays, family and friends, and the birth of a child.
A month to reflect on our blessings and look forward to the coming year. A month where hustle and bustle combine with sacred traditions, resulting in the perfect combination of festivities and cozy nights in.
My heart is happy during December.
Annual Bake Off weekend with my best girls. Crafting, eating, baking, catching up, Christmas pj' is one of my most favorite weekends of the entire year.
bake off 1
bake off 2
Bake off 4
Baking cookies.
The "cheese" face is in full effect these days.
Holiday party with The Annuity Source team. How fortunate I am to spend my days with these ladies (though I am REALLY enjoying being off for maternity leave!)
Swimming lessons.
Downtown Seattle night enjoying the lights, the caroling and the carousel.

Visiting Santa. A fan in theory, but when she actually has to be near him...not so much.
santa 2012
Family holiday celebrations.
With such a large family and extended family, we decided this year to gather early in the month to make sure that we had a chance to all be together.
OH 1
OH 2

Someone made a special appearance...
OH 3
Clinging to her BFF Becky...still not sure about the man in red.
Instagram 1
"A thrill of hope...the weary world rejoices."
Merry Monday friends. Hope that your celebrations are bringing you hope this holiday season.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Her First Weeks.

3 weeks old.
3 weeks of getting to know her, learning about life with two, figuring out schedules...and 3 weeks of a happiness in my heart like I've never known.
First night home.
This little lady has been the most perfect addition to our family. I look at her sweet face and say a thankful prayer every day that we have been entrusted with her. She is the most mellow, calm and peaceful baby (unless she's hungry!)
first weeks
Still growing into her clothes a bit...
We were so fortunate to have Grammie here with us her first full week at Charlotte a constant playtime companion was exactly what she needed.
Because while my big girl is doing incredibly well with the adjustment considering is just that, an adjustment.
She is no longer the only one vying for our attention and that takes some getting used to. I notice how she is more sensitive than usual, how little things can set her off...and I want to make sure that I am being sensitive and attentive to these feelings she has, while not losing my patience as she puts her runny nose all up in Madeleine's face for the 100th time that day.
It's a learning process for us all.
tg 3
...even for Max the Guardian.
I am enjoying this learning process.
How to be a mama to two. How to help fulfil each of their needs and help them grow. It is more challenging than expected, but I like a challenge.
And perhaps amplified even more by this special time of year, I feel a deep desire to try and make each day meaningful and special.

I am learning and trying and learning some more.
And there are no three people I'd rather be going through this life with than these cuties.
Here's to the first 3 weeks...and the welcoming of December.
Let's go make some memories friends!