Sunday, November 25, 2012

Worth the Wait...

10 days after my due date and one induction later...Miss Madeleine Greer entered our world.
And as I predicted, our hearts grew one hundred times over the moment we laid our eyes on her.
The entire delivery process was...dare I say peaceful? Lovely?
I mean, there were of course those 4 1/2 hours of painful Pitocin contractions, but after the epidural kicked in we were able to actually enjoy the day, the process, the anticipation and focus on how much our lives were about to change.
delivery day
It was a beautifully emotional day and introduction to our little lady.
And when this big sister came in with her grandma's, looking both proud and shy at the same time...I know for certain I felt a love I've never known before.
"Hi baby don't have a shirt on?!"
Meeting her two biggest fans (besides us of course!)
Oh Madeleine, we are so very in love with you. Welcome to our world precious one!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween and a baby...{both a week late...}

Halloween was a week ago.
So was my due date.
One was fun, the other is not so much.
I'll keep moving on, as I'm sure you can guess which is which...
We gathered at our friends Dave and Sarah's again this year to get all the PEPS kiddos together for a Halloween brunch. We have some seriously talented and creative mom's in our group who put together darling and original costumes. Thankfully, I have a talented and creative mother in law who volunteered to make Charlotte's clown costume this year. Score!
Halloween 2
Halloween 1

And just because it's fun...a look back at the last two Halloween celebrations...
It is amazing to me to see how much these guys have grown...and so very special that Charlotte is creating memories with these wonderful families.
On Halloween night Charlotte's school had a Harvest Party complete with a costume contest, and guess who won?? Our girl! So funny and adorable. Talk about a proud stage mom!
Holding hands with her buddy Mary Lou (cutest name ever, right?!)
And because I seem to take a lot more pictures on my phone than my camera these Instalife lately.
That about brings me up to speed on things.
  How about you follow suite real shortly little one?
Mama is getting a bit tired {understatement} of waiting for you...