Thursday, December 26, 2013

From Us. To You.


Wishing you the merriest of merry holidays.
We have been celebrating (and it continues on!)
and more playing
Staying in pj's
Feeling so very thankful...
So full...
So blessed.
Merry Merry Christmas friends!
{photo's by the extremely talented Erin Schedler}

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry merry girlfriends.

No matter how busy the holiday season gets or what schedules look like, there are two things that we make sure happen every year.
Bake Off and Girls Gift Exchange.

Without fail. Our traditions live on every year and the time I get to spend with these lovely ladies is one of my very favorite things about this season.

Bake Off
Admittedly, this wasn't our best year for crafting or baking (perhaps because our ringleader Miss Jamie Suzanne was missing)...but what we lacked in finished craft projects, we certainly made up for with laughter. Lots of dancing, eating, sipping, truth-or-daring, relaxing and catching up.
I love these ladies something fierce!

 Searching high and low for the Christmas tree...
Success! Found it!


Girls Gift Exchange
Breakfast (for dinner this year since we did it in the evening), Christmas pj's, lightening rounds and a British flair this year which included minced pies, mulled wine and our favorite Londonite home for the was another successful Favorite Things gift exchange!

Trying my first minced pie...and as expected, I loved it. Have yet to meet a pie I didn't love!
Cheers to traditions my lovelies!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Simply having a wonderful Christmastime.

Oh Sir Paul...per usual, you really got it right!