Thursday, September 30, 2010


This week I did a bit of organizing and packed away some of the clothes that Charlotte has already outgrown. Seriously, already?! How can she be outgrowing things already? Is this possible?

As I packed away those first little outfits that we dressed her in, the things she came home from the hospital in... a little part of me felt so sad. An unexpected pang to the heart. Because why be sad? Our little girl is healthy and thriving and perfect. And really, it's just clothes. Who cares, right? No biggie. But to put those tiny little things away knowing she is getting bigger each day, I want to slow it all down. I want to savor.

And I'm sure that all mom's feel this way, and I'm sure each new phase is welcomed with this happiness and sadness. Excitement for what is to come, and longing for time to pause.


But it has to be said...this phase she's in right now is pretty darn great. She is so alert and happy and engaged and when she sees me, she smiles. Her sturdy little head can support itself now, yet she fits perfectly in the crook of my arm resting on my shoulder.


I will rejoice in these precious moments.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Last night we had all these little party animal babes over:
PEPS babes
*Picture taken a few weeks ago at another gathering

Along with their parents, the group speaker and our PEPS facilitators there were 27 individuals gathered in our family room...and our family room isn't huge. But every week as we gather at each of our homes, with blankets and chairs scrunched in every corner, somehow it works. We pile in together, and the coziness takes over...loving on babies, feeding them, comforting them and sharing our stories.

It's been a pretty unique and wonderful experience this whole PEPS group. Strangers who have now become friends. First time parents bonding and experiencing this whole new life together. There are laughs and tears...frustrations and and companionship...and love.
And as we sit together each week and talk about our "highs and lows", we find ourselves opening up and sharing details about life to people who just weeks ago we didn't know. Crazy how that happens.
But they get it...they understand...and they cheer us on. A new part of our village that will help us raise our girl. For that, I am thankful.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


They are always great. Always a welcome treat and something to look forward to. But now... weekends have taken on a whole new level of greatness. These sweet days of time spent together, uninterupted bliss.

This first week back at work was sandwiched between two fabulous weekends. Like two bookends holding it all together. Labor Day weekend was spent across the mountains in a sleepy little western themed town of north eastern Washington.

Picnik collage-winthrop

The perfect relaxing family (including the furry family member) get-away before returning to reality. The drive through the mountains was stunning...and the view of the backseat wasn't bad either.

Somehow, getting out in nature and enjoying it's beauty always helps me feel a bit more centered. Pretty sure I get this from my dad. Just like I got from him the knowledge that you can tell a Ponderosa Pine tree by smelling it's smells like butterscotch. And sharing this little tidbit with Charlotte on our first hike made my heart happy in such a complete way...her grandpa was with us.


This weekend was spent with a grammie loving on her grandbaby girl and giving these two new parents their first real night out in 3 1/2 months. And what a night it was! A wedding. An extremely stylish, delicious and intimate wedding. A wedding where handmade details were abundant in every aspect of the day, and the bride looked like she jumped off the pages of a magazine.

Picnik collage-L&C

Picnik collage-L&C2


Oh...and they served Molly Moon's icecream at the ceremony and the reception was catered by Seattle chef Matt Dillon, of Sitka and Spruce and the Corson Building. Delicious doesn't even begin to describe it...

Indeed these were some great weekends. My soul is recharged for the next week. And the icing on the cake?
Tonight...for the first time...she laughed.

And I'm pretty certain I've never heard anything sweeter in all my life. A new level of greatness.