Monday, August 27, 2012

The shift.

I can feel the change coming.
The shift.
The changing of seasons is upon us.
When we eat dinner outside, our yard that was normally sunny until late in the evening is now shaded by 6:00. When my alarm goes off in the morning, it feels just that much harder to get out of bed because it is a little darker than the day before. And with all the talk and advertisements about "back to school", my mind starts to do a mental shift to fall.
And don't get me wrong...I love fall too.
College football, crispy leaves, cold mornings followed by sunny afternoons (crossing my fingers this is what our Seattle fall will look like)...but not quite yet.
It is still August. And we will continue stretching our flip-flop wearing days out as long as possible. Afterall, our summer list isn't quite complete yet!
A couple of weekends ago we headed over the mountains to a little slice of heaven known as Suncadia. A weekend filled with family dinners, kiddos, best girlfriends, the Olympics, swimming, and just quality time with each other. I am really hoping this becomes an annual tradition (hint, hint Teresa!)
Suncadia 1
Suncadia 2
Suncadia 3
Suncadia 4
I roll laughing at all their faces in this picture.

On what may have been our last super hot day of the summer, Charlotte and I headed down to the Greenlake wading pool on Friday afternoon to cool off. Two year old in a two piece? Why not!
And while Nick was gone on his annual "Man Hike", we escaped for a night to our favorite local get-away, lovingly referred to as just "the island".
And no summer is complete without a little showering. We celebrated our bride-to-be Crystal this past weekend with an intimate shower at bridesmaid Katie's AMAZING house in Ridgefield. The weather and backdrop made for a picturesque afternoon!
We are off mid-week for Walla Walla and I can't wait to soak up some Eastern Washington heat one last time before fall.
Here's to wearing white, running through sprinklers, and eating popsicles for a liiiiiitle bit longer!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beach baby.

I was reminded again this weekend why we live where we do.

For all the times it is less than ideal here, summer in Seattle might be a little slice of perfection.This weekend brought with it our highest temperatures yet for the season, and with that we happily engaged in some serious beach time.

I think of summer here like that long lost best friend.
Maybe you don't keep in touch as often as you'd like, you certainly don't get to see each other nearly enough...but then when you reunite, it is like no time has passed and you think to yourself, "Yep...this is pretty much the best".
That's me and summer here.
And for the record Seattle, right now I think you are the best.

Shockingly enough, neither Nick nor I have ever been to Alki Beach so I was making sure it got put on our list of summer to-do's this year.
Alki's version of lady liberty.
Alki 1

Charlotte was pretty much in heaven with the millions of rocks at her disposal. She definitely did her part to try and get them all back into the ocean.
Alki 2

We later BBQ'd it up at our place...

And topped off the weekend with an afternoon with friends at the Laurelhurst Beach Club thanks to the JOAT hookup!
beach club
I don't think I'm ever getting all the sand out of that little swimsuit tooshie.

But I'm okay with that...sunshine and sand is never a bad thing.