Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It's funny how one's perspective can change.
Suddenly things are different. You see things in a new light. Your ideas have been altered.

It used to be that if I had an entire week off from work it was a big vacation for me. A whole week! What would I do with myself for all those days?

Today, I have one week left.
And a part of me feels the panic of time slipping away...only one week more before works starts back up? One short short week out of 3 1/2 months off? My perspective has changed.

But I'm doing everything I can to change it back. To think of this week like I used to approach it...a WHOLE week! Just think of everything we can do with our week together!
Picnik collage

I will choose to be thankful for this last week of free time with my girl and focus on how fortunate we continue to be. Because along with perspective, I like to think we have a certain ability to choose how we are going to view a situation.

I am blessed. I have a job that I truly do enjoy with people who are inspiring, intelligent, giving and kind. Charlottle will be looked after by people who are loving and warm and will make her feel safe.

Sure, there are going to be days like last week where I have my meltdowns. Major ones. Where once the floodgates open, the tears don't stop. Because it IS hard. It's hard to think of not staring at this sweet face all day long...

But I am going to choose to believe that we will be just fine. We'll find our way through this new transition. Perspective.

So, with that...there may be a lack of posts this week because hey!... we've got a whole week off!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


If this sign is true...


Then my story began here...

Picnik collage-ww2

Walla Walla.

This weekend while Nick was on his annual guys hiking trip, Charlotte, Max and I loaded up the car and headed over to eastern Washington to the place where my story began. A place where Main Street looks as if it could have jumped out of a Normal Rockwell painting. Where every store you stop into, you just happen to run into someone you (or your mom) know. Where all my childhood memories are packaged and held for me...memories that now, being away from that place, I hold even dearer to my heart.

It got me to thinking about Charlotte's story. Her home where it is all beginning. What will she take away from these days?

Picnik collage-ww

I hope that she'll remember the reading...


The playing...


The exploring...


And we'll make darn sure she remembers how very much she is loved...


These first 11 weeks of her story have truly been the best days of my life. As I savor these last few weeks with her before I return to work, it helps to realize my home and my story are with me always. My home in Walla Walla. My home in Seattle. My family. I carry them in my heart.

And it will be the same for her I hope...that she knows we'll always be there, just as we have been...since the beginning.


*Photo via Nan Brotherton Photography

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Last week it was my wonderful husbands 31st birthday.

We celebrated with our favorite daddy lovin' attire...

and daddy's favorite layer cake (though I'm fairly certain that I was the one who ate the majority portion of this baby!)

I love birthdays for everything that they are. Another year celebrated. A way to show appreciation and love for the special birthday person. Another day to remind them that the world is better because they are in it.

Happy birthday love. 31-derful indeed.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I saw stars.

Every night this weekend.

And not just a few...thousands. Millions. The milky way even.
And my heart was happy.

There are things I love about the city and things I love about getting out of it, and seeing stars is one of things I love most about leaving. With the amazing weather we were having, it reminded me even more of the hot summer nights I grew up with, and I found myself pointing out these stars to Charlotte. Sharing them with her. Even if she doesn't know yet how gorgeous they are.

Our days, as well as our star filled nights on Orcas Island were filled with exciting firsts for both Charlotte and for us.


A first ferry ride...



(A special shout out to our BOB for being such a fabulous travel companion while we were traveling sans car )


First time experiencing the 3rd Annual Doe Bay Music Fest...


I wasn't sure what to expect from the hippie resort and clothing optional hot-tubs that I had heard of, but it turned out to be this little piece of amazing-ness. Nestled right there in the bay. Like summer camp re-created itself just for this weekend. Families, friends and music lovers alike gathered to listen to the folksy-rock music (is that an official genre of music?)


My little chic-a-dee was quite happy with herself listening to the tunes, kicking her legs in time with the music (okay, so maybe it wasn't really in sync with the music, but it could have been!)

We should have been called "Fancy Hippies" this weekend because our accomodations at the Rosario Resort were incredible! And the view from our deck? Breathtaking. I said a little thank you prayer just about every time I looked outside.




And I say that same little thankful prayer every time I look at this face...


And as the sun went down, we listened to the music and danced and enjoyed this time together.

And we looked at the stars.

And you know what comes after the stars?

Sunrise mornings like this. And you better believe we pointed out this gorgeousness to Charlotte as well. Even if she doesn't realize it quite yet.

Thursday, August 12, 2010



We weren't about to let something like bedrest keep us from celebrating and showering this beautiful mama-to-be, so last Sunday we did it up. Swedish Hospital style. And even though it was originally supposed to be held in our backyard, the ultimate goal was to shower our gal and her babes (yep, she's got two littles cooking in there!)...and we can do that anywhere!


Delane and I had a fabulous time preparing for the day...although I realized later that co-hosting a shower and bringing a 2 month old results in not very many pictures being taken...oops!


We were lucky enough to have the oh-so-delicious key lime pie cupcakes by JOAT at the party. I might have had two.


Coffey wanted to try out this whole wheelchair thing...


Little squish had a great time at the party with the girls and even came away with a few gifts herself (thanks Coff and Kricks!) Lucky girl.

Hang in there Rothie...all this bedrest business will be so worth it once the girls are here! XO

Saturday, August 7, 2010


As in minutes.

And for those of you who may not be familiar with the popular song from onlythebestmusicalever, RENT (or if you just don't feel like doing the math)...that's how many minutes are in a year.

One year until these two love birds are officially Mr. and Mrs.

One year of anticipation, planning and excitement.

Such fun celebrating you guys last night, cheers!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

uh oh.

Like mother like daughter...

Looks like someone found her thumb.

Let's just hope she gives up this habit before 2nd grade which is how long it took me to let it go (and only with the help of an orthodontic "crib" on the top of my mouth).

At this point though, I think it's one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's August.

Time flys.
Soon the seasons will start changing and the leaves will start falling. Soon my lazy days of easy mornings with coffee and baby kisses won't be a daily occurance. (well the baby kisses will be, but the lazy days not so much). Soon evening dinners in the backyard won't be as frequent. Soon a schedule will return.

But not quite yet...

We still have days of laziness to indulge in. Lounging days. Lovely days. We still have sun to soak up and naps to take. We still have afternoon walks and morning coo's. And we still have summer food to eat up!

So we will enjoy. We will cherish each and every minute of this...this time where my only thing to do for the day is to be a mama. Where I can eat up the cuteness of those chubby cheeks and her little tootsies all day long. And while I am positive and confident as the changes come, we'll find our way through that transition as well...right now, these days of just being a mama are pretty darn perfect.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sometimes you get news that shakes you.
I mean, really shakes you, and from that moment on...things are different.

I received this kind of news today.

Our beloved choir director, George Shangrow, passed away this weekend. A car crash. Rainy night. Accident. No one's fault. A tragedy.

As I read the email from our choir manager in bed this morning from my phone, holding our sweet little girl, I couldn't stop the tears from coming. I couldn't believe what I was reading. My heart was hurting not only for our choir, and not only for the entire Seattle music community that he was so hugely a part of...but mostly for his family. His young daughter who was so very much like him. I know too well the hurt she must be going through right now...

George was a visionary. He had a gift. He was the most talented musician I have ever had the honor of working with and his passion for the music and sharing it with others was infectious. I will forever remember the different facial expressions he shared with us while conducting that could, at times, bring you to tears just by looking at him. The music shined through him and twinkled in his eyes.

The news this morning was a shock. Like life slapping you across the face reminding you that it's short...it's precious...and it's not to be taken for granted. It can change, all too quickly.

And so today I will hug our Charlotte a little more. I will tell those I love that I do. And I will listen to some beautiful music and think of you George. You are the epitomy of living the life you were born to do, and you will be forever missed.