Friday, September 21, 2012

Last days of summer...

It's seems quite appropriate that I'm finally getting around to blogging about a few of our last summer adventures when tomorrow is the first official day of fall.
At least I'm getting it in before the seasonal deadline, right?
We headed over the mountains on Labor Day weekend to soak up some eastern Washington heat one last time before summer concluded. And because Charlotte's school was closed we were able to take some extra time and make it a super-extended weekend.
There was sidewalk chalk, impromptu sprinker runs and baby's first Coug game...
Along with the discovery of a new favorite toy.
Charlotte had her first bang trim...
And loved picking 'matos' with papa!
The Walla Walla Fair is always Labor Day weekend and was a childhood staple of mine. It was such fun to experience it all through our little one's is everything a small town fair should be!
Fair 1
Fair 2
Fair 3
Don't let that face fool the end of the ride we were pulling her off that carousel.
The slower pace, good food, naps and time with mom/grammie was just what we needed.
Our September weather has been amazing. I mean, AH-mazing! I sort of don't want people outside of Seattle to know how amazing it is for fear that they would all move here and add to our traffic...because these are the kind of days that make you say a thankful little prayer for living in such a gorgeous area.
Lucky for us, we had a chance to check off one last summer goal of boating with our friends...the girls had a BLAST!
Boating 2
They discovered the boat horn and thought it was the hands down funniest thing they had every experienced.
The squeels, jumps and giggles coming out of these girls was the purest, most happy sound you ever heard. It feeds my soul.
And so as we welcome a new season tomorrow and I dig out my Fall decorations, we bid a thankful farewell to Summer. You were so very good to us this year. We needed you (and by the way, we'll need you again next year).
I am acutely aware these days of how quickly time is passing...and I plan to bottle up the memories of the last 3 months and hold them close.
Bye Bye Summer...hello Fall!