Sunday, June 14, 2009

Apparently money really can buy happiness..

At least when it comes to weeds that is.

On Saturday we hired a worker from a non-profit organization, Casa Latina, to come pull the insane amount of weeds and grass that had taken over the north sidewalk of our house. Since it's the side of the house, and a sidewalk, and a fence, or maybe simply because it is backbraking labor...we have chosen to ignore this area of our home. And it was out of control. These after pictures don't create quite the effect without seeing the before pictures, but they showed up about an hour early so I wasn't able to snap some before they begun.

Now that we are back to ground zero, Nick and I have made it our goal to keep the cracks WEED FREE. To do this, we have been doing a little internet researching and I have got to share with you a fabulous tip that is also earth friendly!
Apparently you just pour boiling hot water in the cracks every couple of weeks and it kills any growth that may be starting. How great is that? No weeds, AND no chemicals. Win, win.


Michelle said...

Julio (right?) did an amazing job! Looks beautiful!!! :)

The Moore Family said...

I agree about the money and happiness thing. . doesn't buy it, but it sure makes it easier to maintain:). Looks lovely!! I still have yet to see pics of your lovely place from the outside . . I need them for so I can imagine your buns going about your biznet in the proper setting. :)