Monday, June 28, 2010

A slower pace

Have a mentioned how much I love being home with our girl? It is such a blessing to have this time with her...watching her change each day, learning about each other, gazing at her in just moves at a slower pace. And I must say, I quite like it.

You see, I am a list girl. I get the same day planner each year that I've had since high school (no joke). And every day, there are lists. What needs to be done that day. These aren't always monumental tasks, sometimes it's as simple as Make Dr. Appointment, or Laundry, or Call so-and-so for their Birthday. But marking these To-Do's off as Completed is quite rewarding for me.

These days, there aren't as many To-Do's... or at least in the list making sense there aren't. These days, we see where our days take us.

Some days, like today, we wake up at 4:30 a.m. (after sleeping since 11 p.m.-- yahoo!) and decide we are very we enjoy the sunrise together and watch the ending of "Cold Mountain".

And other days days, we meet up with our Summer Sister friends for play dates and mommy dates.

Lately we've been enjoying have Uncle Zachary staying with us for awhile...

And who doesn't love a nice relaxing bath?

Or spending time with some of our favorite friends?

Some days though, we do like to get ready and put on our party dress for a BBQ gathering...

So even though our Pacific Northwest "summer" has left much to be desired thus far, we are filling our summer days with lots of love, love and more love. I'll check that off as the most rewarding To-Do ever.


The Moore Family said...

Oh, there is nothing sweeter than that first baby coming home. Then they grow and you have more and then everything moves on fast forward- and that's great too.

I am so happy she is everything you dreamed of and more. She is just perfection!

Lspry said...

She is SO darling I can hardly handle it!!! So excited to spend an entire day and night with baby and Mom! xoxo

Matt and Teresa said...

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Crystal said...

Absolutely ADORABLE baby! Glad you're enjoying this time together. I am so anxious to finally meet her!