Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The City by the Bay.

San Francisco.

That's where we went. A total shock. He said be ready by eight, but if you know anything about me...when I'm given a time frame, I give-or-take about 15 minutes. I'm not one of those really late people, just one of those teensy bit late people. It's something I've learned
to accept about myself.

So when he said be ready by 8, I figured in our household that meant 8ish.
Not the case.
He woke me up before my alarm even went off with pulled up on the iPad, revealing the wonderful news that S.F. was having some unseasonably wonderful weather. As I tried to focus on the screen through my groggy, no-contact eyes I couldn't believe it.
S.F.? Really? We aren't that couple that hops on planes for weekend get-aways all the time.
No sir, this was something special.
And I needed to hurry, having neglected packing my bags the night before.



And special it was. We walked, ate delicious food, sipped delicious sippers, took a two hour nap (yahooo!), did a bit of shopping, and enjoyed uninterrupted time together.
SF Food

SF Food 2

Why is this picture so bright you might ask? Because my friends, that is the sun on my face. It was legitimately really warm/almost hot while we were standing in line for the cable car...truly a San Francisco treat!

And an added treat to the weekend? A lunch date with my Kricky! Having not seen her and her fiance Kevin since they moved from Seattle, I was so thrilled they were available to meet up!

It was indeed a special weekend. A very welcomed time together.
But what makes going away even better? The knowledge that you are coming home.

And reunions certainly are sweet.


Kris said...

I sure was happy with Nick's surprise getaway location choice!! I loved seeing you two!!!

Erin said...

Such a fun getaway for you two and so lucky that you got to hang out with Krevin :)
I can only imagine the excitement both you and your baby girl had during your reunion. Love her smile in the last pic.

Marge said...

You might have the most romantic husband I know of.. how fun! What a special treat for you both. XO

And Charlie Makes Three said...

Love your blog! And I'll be sending this particular post to Kevin immediately. Well done, Nick.

Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan said...

What a great way to make memories!Happy Friday!I'm blog hopping today. I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Wishing you happiness and a fabulous weekend of Happy, Katherine

Loosy said...

I'm a huge proponent of quality couple time sans offspring. Nice work Nick.

Holly said...

cheers to hot weather in sf!! your get away sounds perfect.

Lyndsy said...

What an incredible surprise trip! I am going to SF in April and would LOVE some restaurant rec's or hotel recs or just about anything you want to rec :) Glad you guys had a romantic time together :) XOXO