Sunday, April 3, 2011

Well hello old friend...

Yes you.

My little ol' blog.

I've been negleting you as of lately, and for that I am sorry. Life just gets busy doesn't it?! And finding time to blog? Well, that just sometimes goes out the window. Bravo to all you out there who post daily. I am in awe.

The problem with getting off track on my little blog world here is the vast openness that sits in front of me when I finally do find time to sit down to write...where to begin?

So much has happened, so little has happened. Changes, updates, goals, fears, highs, lows...I want to get them all down on "paper" here, but then at times days pass and I find it hard to find the words to start. How will I remember years from now the week that she finally started tolerating food with chunks? or started taking her first legitimate crawls? Will I remember the wonderful challenge it is to got out to eat with a 10 month old? Or how lovely that over-due dinner gathering with girlfriends was? I hope that I will. Many times I'm certain these memories will be prompted and enhanced with the help of of the many, many reasons why I'm so thankful for my camera. And so, life as of lately. In pictures.

One is never enough.


...particularly when it comes to toys.

What dinners out look like now:


and ultimately end up like this when she gets tired of sitting by herself.


My messy eater.

Don't let this smile fool you...


She may look dainty, but this girl can make a mess with the best of them.

Messy Eater


A weekend with family.

Cute boys in boots. Oh, and a red


Playing with the big kids...


Queen of Hearts? Nope, Go Fish!


True love...reinspired.


Spent said weekend with family tinkling these gorgeous ivories. No, not ours. My auntie's, and it plays just as beautiful as it looks. I am determined to play more now... it was rather depressing to pick up pieces that used to be effortless to find them, well...difficult.

Total adoration.


Her adoration for him. His adoration for Nick...waiting and watching for him to come home.

First crawls.


...that remind me quite a bit of this little friend when she first began crawling


You can't tell as much from these pictures, but Charlotte has the funniest little hook-leg crawl is so similar to Addy Mae's initial crawls. Quite cute.



For some reason, when the toy belongs to someone else it is SO much cooler.

So good to spend time with you tonight my friend. Let's do it more often.

But next time...don't be so annoying with the formatting. AAAgh.

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Matt and Teresa said...

Such pretty pics Court! Of course I love the oldie of Addy Mae. I can't wait to see you and baby Char in a few weeks.