Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's all in the details.

...and boy were the details abundant at the lovely wedding of Miss Diggy-Dehn and Ryan last weekend.

Every little darling, nautical detail was planned out and executed to perfection. Diggs spent all year planning...and her labor of love paid off. It was perfection.



And even when the weather couldn't make up it's schizophrenic mind (sunny, drizzling, absolute monsoon downpour, thunder, back to sunny...) it didn't matter. Their wedding weekend at Alderbrook was not only a weekend for celebrating their love, but a weekend at "summer camp" with old friends and reminiscing.





Weddings are always special. I love the love. But there was just something extra special about this one it is busy these days, and full weekends surrounded by many of your closest friends are not common place anymore, so to bask in company of everyone, including the kiddos made my heart very happy.





So happy in fact I busted out my craziest dancing shoes ever EVER. Wow. My back is still hurting from some of the this a sign I'm getting old?!

Dehn details 1

Dehn details 2

Oh...and Miss Teresa here? Well, she has really upped the standards for Maid of Honor speaches. One of the best ever, bravo.


Thank you Diggy and Ryan for getting married and for creating such a wonderful weekend for us all. Someone really set the day on perfect.

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Matt and Teresa said...

It was such a perfect weekend! I can't wait for summer camp part 2 in the San Juans.