Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011.

You were good to us.
Oh my, were you good us.

In a word: magical.

fuller xmas

fuller xmas2

Okay, who am I kidding. There's no way I can leave at one word.
You were magical, special, memorable...

xmas eve 3

xmas eve 4

Cozy, delicious...

xmas eve 2


cookies 2

And exhausting.


But exhausting in the very best way possible.

In that way that leaves you feeling thankful for the sleep in your eyes the morning after staying up to celebrate and cuddle with family. In that way that helps you overlook that you're getting back in your car, because at the end of the journey there will be more family to greet you. We wouldn't have had it any other way.





Charlotte had us in hysterics throughout Christmas with her flappy-bird arms excitedly waving up at down with the opening of each gift.

happy girl 1


The girl gets the whole "present" thing, and let me tell you...she's a fan.


Traditions were made, and traditions were continued.


The Gold Bow that's been in our family we think for about 30+ years.


"Who wants a Tom and Jerry?"- Papa, one of his favorite holiday traditions.


Dumplings were made, our Nanny would be happy.

*Disclaimer: my uncle doesn't normally sport a pirate earring and UW bandana. It was part of the annual Apple Cup bet between he and my UW-loving uncle Peter. The loser always has to wear a selected outfit as chosen by the winner for a portion of the Christmas gathering.


There's nothing like discussing traditions surrounded by family to bring to light the reminder of just how fortunate we are. We have one pretty amazing family.


gathering 2

We are blessed. We are healthy. And we are so very thankful for this memorable Christmas season.


Until next year Christmas...may you stay in our hearts.


Grammie said...

Blessed indeed! Our family grows and with that comes more lovely traditions.

Grammie said...

Blessed indeed! Our family grows and with that comes more lovely traditions.

Kris said...

I tell you what... Your family does Christmas RIGHT! I love the 'tradition' of the 'tradition list!' I want to do that!!!
Also, please, please save all these cute Christmas clothes Charlotte is wearing! Someday they may need to get passed down!

Jamieofalltrades said...

Awesome! I love a good list at any holiday event - i.e. Bake off.