Thursday, February 9, 2012


If you live in Seattle, and especially if you are a parent or just love hanging with kiddos...twirl your way up to the top of Queen Anne and enjoy the darling-ness that is Twirl Cafe.

Twirl 1

We met friends there last night and enjoyed some childhood fun (most amazing play area/jungle gym/toys!) and adult fun (Valentine's theme wine tasting and chocolate pairing).

Twirl 2

A little something for everyone.

I especially love that the woman who started the cafe saw a need for a place where grown-ups could gather with some delicious, easy food...enjoy a glass of wine...all while the little ones played to their hearts content. There was a void and she has filled it. Bravo sister!
It may be a Hallmark Holiday...but it's still a holiday, and I love me some holiday celebrations. They make me want to twirl.

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