Friday, March 23, 2012

Not my best month.

I have to be honest with you.
March has not been my favorite month. Not by a long shot.
  I've been in a funk. And I hate being in funks.

Probably due to the fact it feels like I've been sick the entire month (this cough is STILL hanging on), coupled with the seemingly non-stop rain we've been's just all left me feeling a little...bleh.

  And maybe the worst part it, probably the part that makes me feel the most guilty about feeling "bleh" is that it certainly hasn't been for lack of fun things to do. So what is my deal?!

We've been doing lots of coloring...


Zoo time with Grammie when she visited...


I think we may have a hoarder on our hands.

Birthday celebrations...


And lots of good family time.


But today was different. These last few days have been different.
The sun has been shining and I can feel the funk evaporating away.


I am so ready for Spring and everything that comes with it.
I'm ready to wear pastels, to open windows, and get my hands in the dirt.
Especially after the inspiring demonstration our Bloomers group had this week on planting large pots...I can't wait to figure out where I want to place some strategically around our yard!


I can feel the change happening...and I'm certain April will bring with it some renewed energy.


I just needed a little change of perspective.
And that sunshine doesn't hurt either.

Happy spring-sun-happy-positive weekend to you all!


Loosy said...

What parks do you frequent? I want to finally "run into you". :)

Amy Lovik said...

funk huh ;)

Courtney said...

Brooke- we are usually just at parks around our hood here, or Greenlake. Where are you?? Phinney? Your parks look cool.

Loosy said...

I'm going to keep my Courtney radar on high alert next time at Green Lake. Be ready. :)