Thursday, April 26, 2012

The South.

Each time I visit the South I am completely taken with it.
  Each new place I've seen, I grow more and more in love with just about everything about it.

The seemingly slower pace of life, the smells...kind of earthy and damp, the way folks greet you and speak to you like you are a long lost friend.
I swear, part of me truly believes I was meant to live there.

This past week I got to enjoy a quick trip to South Carolina for a couple of days. And while it was a work trip peppered with meetings and dinners, they thankfully gave us quite a bit of free time to wander the gorgeous 22,000 acre plantation land.
001 Collage (1)
Time to relax in my own private cottage on my own private screened in porch (honestly, is there anything more appealing than a screened in porch??!)
Time to read an entire book in 2 days.
Time to relax in a soaking sanctuary.
Time to ride the darling bikes they have parked outside each cottage around the grounds.
And time for an incredible facial, manicure and pedicure.

I came back feeling refreshed. And I'll tell you...I haven't felt refreshed in awhile.

Must be that sweet Southern air.


Marge said...

OMG I want to visit the Carolina's SOOO bad. What a fun trip!

Ian and Sarah said...

Ahhh, Palmetto Bluff. A gem, indeed! Looks like a wonderful trip.

Lauren Kelly said...

I love this post :)

Ailie said...

"Y'all" need to visit the ATL! :)