Monday, October 15, 2012

Three going on Four.

In a few short weeks, give or take, our little family of 3 will be a growing family of 4.
I want time to speed up so we can meet our new little love. I want time to slow down so I can cherish this time with just my one girl.
I am a mix of emotions.
Fam pics 1
I try and imagine sometimes what it will be like to be a mama to two little girls.
The amazing responsibility and opportunity that awaits me is both exciting and nerve racking. I want them to know they are beautiful, they are capable, they are smart and that they are loved every day of their lives. I want to protect them, to help them grow, expose them to new opportunities and teach them to be kind.
I imagine the deep and unconditional love my girls will share with each other and it literally makes me giddy for them. I imagine their giggles and playtimes, and later their inside jokes and eye rolling faces to each other when they are annoyed with their parents. I imagine and dream of their futures together.
And I look at Charlotte, who has turned into such a big girl...and I know she will become and even bigger girl soon. The big sister. How can it be? My baby is going to be the big sister.
Family pic 2
I know that there are many sleepless nights ahead of me. That there will be challenging days and times when Nick and I wonder how we're going to do it all. And as awful as this sounds, it's hard to imagine that I will love another person as much as I love this little girl.
IMG_0069bw (2)
But I know that I will. That in truth, I already do. I know that our lives are about to get even better and our hearts are about to grow again.
Family pic 3
Because I have never felt as fulfilled in my life, as I do in my role as a mother.
I love her beyond measure.
IMG_0036bw (2)

And I love her beyond measure...
IMG_0165 (2)
Looking forward to our days as four...and cherishing our days as three.
*Photos taken a couple of months ago by the extremely talented Erin Schedler. Check her out!


Lauren Kelly said...

Court - I love this post! And Charlotte is going to be the best big sister, just you wait! So fun to bump into you and the fam - you look great!

Marge said...

BEAUTIFUL Pictures! Look at your adorable family!!! I love it.