Sunday, November 25, 2012

Worth the Wait...

10 days after my due date and one induction later...Miss Madeleine Greer entered our world.
And as I predicted, our hearts grew one hundred times over the moment we laid our eyes on her.
The entire delivery process was...dare I say peaceful? Lovely?
I mean, there were of course those 4 1/2 hours of painful Pitocin contractions, but after the epidural kicked in we were able to actually enjoy the day, the process, the anticipation and focus on how much our lives were about to change.
delivery day
It was a beautifully emotional day and introduction to our little lady.
And when this big sister came in with her grandma's, looking both proud and shy at the same time...I know for certain I felt a love I've never known before.
"Hi baby don't have a shirt on?!"
Meeting her two biggest fans (besides us of course!)
Oh Madeleine, we are so very in love with you. Welcome to our world precious one!


Kris said...

So very happy for you and your family!! Madeleine is perfect & beautiful! I am still lol-ing at "Hi baby sister you don't have a shirt on" - ha!

Marge said...

She is gorgeous! Congratulations and look forward to meeting the newest Juhl very soon :) XOXO