Sunday, January 3, 2016

Somebody turned three...

Okay, yes. I realize, it was last month that this special little person turned three, but I'm playing catch up here. So we'll just pretend that it's November 11th and I'm promptly blogging the day after said birthday.

Because I'm organized and up to date like that.

And because turning three is pretty awesome! I remember thinking that when Charlotte had turned three she had really turned into a big kid, that was the year. And in some ways I feel the exact same way with Madeleine. Her personality has absolutely bloomed this past year and those words I was so concerned about her finding? She's found them. And she likes to use them with frequency, determination and persistence.
But she's also still my baby, and a pip squeak...and perhaps I'm in denial that my girls are out of their baby days, so I still hold on to her littleness.

Miss Madeleine. We celebrated you with a casual family brunch gathering at our new home, followed by a friend gathering at a darling little art studio the next day. A weekend of celebrations for you, that both worked out so wonderfully.

My Mada girl. You are a firecracker. An independent, knows what she wants girl. There isn't a lot of successful convincing that happens with you. When a decision is to be made, you pretty much know what outcome you are looking for, and have a hard time with anything other than that outcome.

You have the sweetest, mousiest little voice that I want to bottle up and remember always because it is my favorite.

You give the best hugs around and are so generous with them. Your little legs still wrap around my waist and the weight of you clinging to me and snuggling me close is the best thing ever. You are such a little lover.

Speaking of love, you adore more than anything your big sister. Anything and everything she does, you want to do it as well. And while the two of you certainly can squabble and get upset at each other, to watch the bond between you deepen and grow this past year has been something pretty incredible. Nick and I have sat back so many times these past months, smiling, just watching the two of you play together in your make believe world. I'm so thankful that you have each other.

Bedtime has become...let's just call it, a challenge. Since moving into the new house you have refused sleeping in your bunk bed with Charlotte, and with the exception of a few rare nights here and there- have been in bed with us. We are embracing this stage and your master negotiating skills are winning out.
How can I resist when you hold me face between your hands, shower me with kisses, and tell me that you just need me to "sleep with you for four more minutes....I want you so bad!"
You've pretty much got me wrapped around your finger. And I'm pretty sure you know it.

Which is probably also why you are still just about 85% potty trained. Oops. Most definitely more our fault than yours at this point. I look back at the wild year we had, and I feel bad that some of these milestones with you got a bit delayed, so often the excuse being that we'd deal with it when we got to the new house.
But I also know, that you are eventually going to get there. You will be potty trained fully and you won't be 10 years old sleeping with us every night. It's another phase of life...and perhaps again me holding on.

See, I'm doing it again. Denial that you are no longer in that baby stage...

But I digress.

You love books and babies. Fruit snacks and pancakes with peanut butter. You adore singing, especially Frozen music and you have an amazing ear for pitch!
You ADORE your friends, and school, and Miss Elyana...but most of all your bestfriendVivienRockett.(it should be noted that Vivien is only referred to in this description, never less)

You are our fiery, goofy, snuggly, stubborn, animated and most lovable Madeliene Greer. And we love you so very much.

Happy birthday my baby girl.




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