Thursday, February 4, 2016

A New Year.

Ha! But, really. Am I right?! Where on earth did January go??
I always love the beginning of a new year because I start it out all, I'm going to do this...I'm going to focus on that...I'm going to be this kind of person...I'm going to stop that...

And it's inspiring. I live for that stuff.
I love thinking about what kind of goals I want to set, the intention I want to set forth for the coming year. I love talking with people about what kind of year they foresee. Gleaning knowledge from them. Little bits. Thinking about ways to incorporate 'more', but also 'less' into my life.

But then, it's the 3rd week of January... and I haven't worked out all week, that cookie is looking really delicious, my patience has run thin, I haven't been getting up early to write, and those feelings of New Years Failure usually start to sink in.

But I will tell you, this year I fought hard against them. They weren't going to dictate my days.
Because here is what I am learning more and more every's the thing:

Every day, we start new 100 times over.

Who knew?!

I mean, I suppose I always knew...but I feel myself embracing it more than before.
Cranky toddler meltdown? Let's start new.

Frazzled morning? Let's hit the reset button.

Patience running thin? I'm sorry. I'm going to try harder.

No run today? Start fresh tomorrow.

We don't need that start of a new year to begin again. And while it is always nice to have that definite, concrete timeline to bring it in to focus for us...we can do at any minute, of any day.

January has been wonderful, and tough, and calm, and stressful...full of knowledge and full of questions. Full of love. And always so much gratitude.

So happy new start, friends.
Again, and again.

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