Wednesday, April 20, 2016

We made it. Spring is here.

...and all of Seattle shouts a collective, "hallelujah!"together.
It happens just about every year for me now, so I don't know why it should come as a surprise at this point. It hits either February or March. 
The dark, wet days. Missing the sunshine. Longing for a fresh start.
I made it through February pretty good this year and actually thought- hey! It didn't happen this year!
But then March came, and the seasonal down days reared their head.
The funk.
The questioning.
The traffic.
Like magic, all of a sudden it is spring...and just like all the flowers beginning to bloom, I start to feel alive again.
New beginnings.
I love every seasonal shift throughout the year, but this one I think is my most favorite because of the promise of something more on its way. The newness of it all.
To begin again.
Spring break this year was such a wonderful combination of time at home, slowing the pace, and a quick get away to the mountains to recharge.

It was first T-ball practices...

It was story time with Grammie...

It was hours at the park...

It was welcoming a new Fairy Land to our family...

It was first popsicles of the season...  

It was exploring a little western town...

And a cabin in the woods that stole our hearts...


Welcome Spring. We're so happy you are back.

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