Saturday, July 9, 2016

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

And boy did those good times roll! 

Our long anticipated trip down South was nothing short of amazing. The girls are at such a great age now for traveling and did such a great job! 
We got to spend 6 glorious, hot, sweaty, soul filled days with the entire Fuller clan, and my heart felt so full. All 12 of the cousins together. All the aunts and uncles together. And the next generation of cousins, creating those bonds and memories along with us all. 

We are spread out over many states now, full lives, busy schedules. But this is the wonderful thing about pick up right where you left off. Like we all get to have big crawfish boils and fish fries together each month. Or my girls get to be smothered in attention and love from their big cousins on a regular basis. 
We don't of course, and that is part of what makes it so very special. 
The other part though is this incredible and undeniable connection that we have all created, that has remained so strong over all the years, and miles, and life happenings. 

We vowed to make these gatherings more regular as we said goodbye to them all and I fought (unsuccessfully) back the tears. I love this family so very much. 

We made it! The Real World: New Orleans. 

A proper NOLA welcome-- Crawfish Boil!

Good morning New Orleans! And whew, hey bright walls. We stayed in the most eclectic shotgun double house with Grammie, Uncle Z and Meredith. 

Riding the Street Car! 

Beating the heat with an afternoon at the Audubon Acquarium.

New Orleans really just charmed the pants off us. I just loved all the colors, and porches, and history in the buildings.

We LOVE our cousins!! 

Taking it all in...

The original. Long line...but SO worth the wait! 

Wedding time for Hope and Will! What a gorgeous, fun and special celebration it was for these two love birds. 

My Hopie her so very much. I also can't believe she isn't still 9 years old. 

Gorgeous Louisiana. 

Sweating, I mean, riding on the Riverboat! 

Children's Museum! 

Darling and delicious restaurants around every corner. 

And cold brew on tap?! Yes please. 

Fishing trip for many of the crew...the girls boat scored the vast majority of the fish shown here!

Always a game going on when we gather...

And the massage chair at our house was quite the hit! 

Thunder storms so big the floor would shake! We loved sitting on the porch watching them. 

Double datin' with these cuties...

And finding some live brass band music on Frenchman Street!

Lots of shared sleeping...

Little girl, big trees.

Now, when is our next gathering?! 

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