Saturday, August 13, 2016

You're telling me it's August?!

I can hardly believe it is nearly the middle of August, and in a few short weeks time our minds will shift from Summer Bucket Lists to Back to School Lists. 
It's a good thing I like lists in general. 

I love a good change of season...a pivot from one stage to the next, but right now we are soaking up the last wonderful weeks of summer. It's been a wonderful summer. Full, but full in so many of the best ways. Time spent with family and friends. Celebrating. Weekend traveling. And slowing down the pace, even just a little bit. 
It's always a bit of a tug on my heart the way we working parents have to navigate summer vacation. It isn't quite what I grew up with- or the picture that one might have of a carefree summer, where truly there is no schedule and the days stretch wide open with possibilities. 
We still have a schedule. We still have to be to pick ups and drop offs at certain times. We still have to make the lunches. 
But what I've tried to do, and what I hope my girls remember and feel from their that the time we have, we are intentional. We've been trying to make the most of our evenings, and of our glorious three day weekends (Friday is my favorite day of the week!). 

So while it may not be coincidence that we went to the Spray Park on a day that was forecast to be beautiful, or that it may not feel very spontaneous when the weekend's have been mapped out since has been so lovely. 

Summer, we love you...even when you are scheduled :) 

Wallingford Parade People...and the funniest two little best friends!  

Date Night with our life partners

Anthropolgie...the struggle is real for girls of all ages. 

Park time

Book Clubbin'

The summer of camps...and support from our Village! 

Celebrating Aunt Becky's birthday

More Mariner's fun! (hair accessories by Charlotte)

 Sprinkler runs

 Friday buddies

Lunch time multi-tasking...

Headed back to Walla Walla! 
100 degrees at 7:00 at night?! Yes, please! 

Celebrating the cutest 90 year old ever! He received a special quilt that was made for Veteran's of the war.

The first tooth is out! 


Feeding the masses...

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Amy Lovik said...

The girls matching swim suits are adorable. Love this post Court!