Friday, January 6, 2017

The most wonderful time of the year. For reals.

I say it every year, but Christmas time really is my most favorite time of the entire year. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the memories, the meaning...all of it fuels me. And even with all the activities and shopping lists and to do lists, it seems it is also the time of year that I am able to really pause and continually acknowledge our abundant blessings. 

We filled our holiday season with more memories and traditions. More family and friend time. And I hope, when they look back on these days as they grow...they'll remember all the love. 


Tree hunting and festivity making at Swansons!

All gussied up for a wedding

My little decorator elf helpers

A walk through Candy Cane Lane

First year that NO ONE is crying! 
And I'm not sure if I love it or I miss it?!

Work merriment! 

Counting down the days and a little boost from sis.

SNOW in Seattle and a bonus snow day for the girls! 

This calls for a 6 AM play date! 

Annual girls trip to Suncadia for Bake Off... and a most amazing winter wonderland

Fairview Christmas Program
And Paw Patrol shoes!

Her smile...

That one that she gives me when she knows I see her...

This kid has my whole heart.

Charlotte and a bunch of her old Fairview crew and the big siblings, back together! 

Christmas gathering with a purpose 
We gathered for a celebration at our good friends' new home, but this year instead of just catching up and chatting, we also adopted 4 different families and played Santa! It was such a wonderful way for us to give back a bit...and especially meaningful with including the girls in the shopping for the kids. 

Bonus visit with Santa at the Retirement Center that her class partners with.

St. Catherine Christmas program! 

The best part is when they circle around us and sing "Silent Night" to conclude the performance. 
Tears every year. 
And this little one would NOT be left out of the singing! 

Party in the first grade class! 
I've been wanting to throw a North Pole party for years now, and got my chance this year to head up Charlotte's class party. Reindeer food for all!

All day, every day! 

Special date with Teta to see "The Little Mermaid"

Girls gift exchange
...followed by a mean lightening round. Minor injuries reported.

Surprise! A night drive to look at Christmas Lights through Olympic Manor

Sugar cookie time! 

And the big day arrived...the Nutcracker tradition- Madeleine's first year! 

Made EXTRA special this year by going with best friends! 

Gearing up for ski lessons! 

Letters to Santa and a special delivery to his mailbox

Christmas Eve day adventures downtown! 

The model train village! 

The got to be conductors this year! 

Family skating selfie...not as easy as one might think...

NOT pleased that I vetoed the Paw Patrol shoes for church...

Reindeer runway all set...they're ready for you Santa! 

Sleep in heavenly peace my darlings. 

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