Monday, May 26, 2008

Big Kid Bedding

After months of bedding that consisted of Nick's comforter cover that he's had for atleast 8 years and counting, and his fraternity t-shirt quilt, we got the rest of our lovely Calvin Klein bedding! (Not that I don't love Nick's fraternity blanket- is very special, Laura (Nick's mom) made it for's just I don't love it as my bedding- ya know?)
And the bonus on top of that is we found a killer deal for bedroom furniture during a Memorial Day Sale at....JC Penney! Seriously, deal central. If you are in need of any furniture-indoors or outdoors- you should check it out. The sale ends this coming Sat. FYI.
So we will be sleeping in style in exactly 11 days...can't wait!

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The Moore Family said...

Isn't new bedding the best- I already have the bug to redo my room for the 3rd time.