Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gotta love the Kochers!

Kim and Mike got a new boat! And let me tell you....IT IS AMAZING! We met up in Eastlake, where they dock it, and then headed out from there. We boated all around Lake Washington and then over to Kirkland for dinner (we felt quite fancy saying we boat over just for dinner!)

It was an evening that made you believe in living in Seattle. It was the kind of night we all wait for, during the seemingly endless months of grey and rain. Special times with dear friends, the amazing Northwest scenery, and celebrating getting "more sophisticated" (this is really just our way of saying that we are getting older...we thought it sounded better!) was an evening to truly enjoy being in the moment.

There was of course, some crazy gansta dancing on the boat after dinner...Rothie wins for best moves, sorry were a close second. We were all so full from mexi dinner at Cactus that we felt there was no other choice than to dance it off!

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Kris Lande said...

Waah! I am so sad I missed such a fun night. Boating, rapping, dancing - all right up my alley!