Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Day

So did anyone else see the rolling quotes all day long yesterday on MSN? Just quotes from people throughout the country on their thoughts of the day, from all ends of the spectrum.

The strangest one I saw had to be this:

"Too much. It's Inauguration Day, not the Super Bowl."- Joe Blow, Crazytown-USA.

Seriously?! Ummmm....last time I checked becoming the President of our country was, in fact, bigger than the Super Bowl!

I was dying!

Here's to a bright future!


The Moore Family said...

People are funny.. my favorite quote was from my dad "The Messiah is being inaugurated today." :) My dad kills me. He said that right after we watched a clip from a lady who said, "I am so happy, I don't need to worry about paying my mortgage anymore!"

I am truly hopeful he will be as wonderful as the general public believes him to be.

Love you friend.

Courtney and Nicholas said...

Wow! That would be awesome! No mortgage?! :) While I am extremely excited and hopeful about our new prez, somehow I don't think he's going to be paying my mortgage!