Tuesday, September 1, 2009


No, not music factory...Court and Chris's WEDDING! Their wedding this weekend outside of Leavenworth in Plaine, WA was a celebration! Seriously, I think from the moment we stepped foot on the grounds we started the celebrating, and didn't stop until we left on Sunday.

Mt. Springs Lodge is such a gorgeous spot for a destination wedding that isn't too far of a destination. There was a boys lodge, a girls lodge, a main lodge...it was just like we were back in summer camp!




I loved the vintage look that C&C created for their special day...it was a perfect match with the feel of the place. The boys were adorable I thought in their suspenders and bow-ties, and it was so incredible that Court's wedding dress was worn by her grandma, her mom, her aunt...and now her!


Paul sabering some champagne. Unfortunately there is no pic from later that evening when I sabered my first bottle! I was quite pleased with myself...



Such a wonderful weekend, filled with lots of love, surrounded by some seriously WILD, CRAZY, FUN people.
Just what a wedding should be!


The Moore Family said...

Beautiful pics Corks! You and the bride look stunning!

Michelle said...

Such beautiful pics!!! I love Courtney's look for her wedding, she seriously looked amazing. What a fun wedding weekend you guys had!

Kris said...

LOVE that vintage look - so stylish! And what is with the Juhl family and sabering champagne bottles?! I am happy that you are finally initiated into the saber-fest. :)

Erin said...

Beautiful photos Court! Looks like such a fun wedding.

Lyndsy said...

So fun! Your pictures are looking fantastic by the way! Glad ya'll had a wonderful time! xox