Monday, September 7, 2009

La Conner Wedding Weekend

The wedding celebration of Shane and Steph this Labor Day weekend was nothing short of gorgeousness! Every little detail was so thought out and perfectly executed, starting with our sweet welcome bags at the Bed and Breakfast that we stayed at!

The fresh, simple flowers were actually one of my favorite features. Steph used basil in the bouquets so everytime you were near one you could smell the sweet fragrance! So clever.


Having met through the navy, it was so neat to see some of the special traditions that were included in the celebration. I love that Lieutenant Shane wore his whites, that as they entered they walked through a sword brigade (not sure the real accurate title of this), and they cut their cake with a sword!


And even though the weather wasn't probably initially what they had in mind for their day, it held off just fine. The big top tent, space heaters, lights, all made for such a romantic evening. We kept saying we felt as if we were in a movie.



These shoes belong to some of the young girls in Steph's youth group class who helped in the ceremony. I just adore their colored converse look!



What fun friends...have I mentioned I love weddings??


Jaclyn Z. Reiss said...

AHH!! I love this! What a gorgeous wedding (LOVE that basil in her bouquets - so funny I JUST posted about something similar)! xoxo

Michelle said...

Looks like such a fun & pretty wedding! I love that each week I look forward to your "wedding post", from whatever wedding you have attended the previous weekend. You guys are definitely setting a record for number of weddings attended this summer! :)