Monday, October 19, 2009

Flying by

Is it just me, or is October flying by? Admittedly, I've been a horrible blogger this month...but I can hardly believe that it's already been 20 days since I last posted. Oops. It certainly doesn't mean I haven't been reading all your wonderful posts, just haven't been contributing as much I suppose.

Life has been good...enjoying all the beautiful fall colors, cozy weekends, delicious dinner parties and hopefully some soon to come fall crafts! I've got my eye on a few projects I want to try out.

Some very exciting news is that I learned today that I got a spot in the upcoming online workshop with the amazing photographer Sheye Rosemeyer!! I am BEYOND excited! I've been on the wait list honestly for almost a year, and cannot wait to try and absorb as much knowledge as possible from her. I am obsessed with her style, her colorings, and just the way that she captures a simple moment. Her blog has often brought me to tears.

A little "happy early birthday to me"!


Lyndsy said...

Congrats lady! And happy early birthday to you indeed!

Michelle said...

Yay!!! That's so awesome! I can't wait for you to do this!