Thursday, October 1, 2009

Plans this Sunday?

Run, don't walk to the Orchestra Seattle/Seattle Chamber Singers concert if you don't.

We will be performing Beethoven's 9th Symphony. This was his final complete symphony and is considered one of his great masterpieces. And the fact that he was deaf when he wrote this music! is a fact that is hard to even wrap my brain around. The 9th is one of the best known works in Western classical repertoire, so even if you aren't a huge classical music buff you'll be sure to recognize the "Ode to Joy" tune.

I promise, by the end of the concert you'll be jumping out of your seat with excitement.
( fast forward to the last minute if you don't believe me)
It really is that good.

Click here for ticket info.

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Michelle said...

Sing pretty my friend! I will still be in Wenatchee until the evening on Sunday :( I am sure it will be beautiful!!!