Sunday, November 15, 2009

The "Sunshine" State

This is what Florida is known as.
However, that statement should be followed by the disclaimer: "Unless a hurricane is passing through the area". St. Petersburg claims to have 361 days of sunshine per year. We just happened to be there on those remaining 4 days.

My company earned an incentive trip from one of the insurance companies that we represent and it was our turn to go! And although the weather wasn't exactly what I think we were imagining, it was an incredibly relaxing and wonderful week of hanging out non-stop with the hubbs. My batteries have been re-charged!

I don't know why...but I love this pic of Nick's boat shoes. Maybe because he has a pair of shoes he wears exclusively on boats. Love him.



Although it wasn't extremely sunny while we were there, it was definitely still warm and muggy...hence the glistening skin!

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Michelle said...

So glad you got a week of rest, you deserve it!