Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Texas Part I: A View from my Grandparents House

Last week, Nicholas, Zachary and I flew to Texas to visit my grandparents and relatives. While it was a looooong trip down there (flight delays, mechanical problems and a drive to the small town of Franklin made for a day of 19 hours of traveling!) was absolutely wonderful to get time with them!

There are certain things that always remind my of my grandparents house. The smell for one. It has a distinct smell of what is, in my mind, the South. And even though they have moved from Louisiana to Texas now to be closer to my aunt, the house still smells the same. In fact, we have a lovely china cabinet in our house that is from their Louisiana home that still has that distinct smell every time I open it. I love it.

Books. I honestly think my grandpa has read/owns every Louis Lamour western novel known to man. He says now he just re-reads them because he thinks he's covered all his bases. I think he's right.

Family heirlooms. My grandpa looooves family history and geneology. He is so knowledgeable about all our kin, and stories surrounding their lives. It is such fun to listen to him re-tell stories with such detail and accuracy. Many of his brothers and his father were decorated war veterans and grandpa has inherited much of the memorabilia.

Blue Bell IceCream. I am certain that if you are either from the South or have traveled to the South you will agree with me that Blue Bell IceCream is HANDS DOWN the BEST icecream on the earth. My grandparents fridge is always stocked with at least 3 different flavors. It is, unfortunately, probably a good thing we can't get it up here in the Northwest.

My sweet grandparents, me and brother.

Excuse the no makeup look. Doesn't everyone do that with family??


Ailie said...

I love it - aren't grandparents the best?!

Michelle said...

I think you look very pretty :) What a fun time visiting relatives and watching the Cougs! Glad you guys got a chance to go down there, so fun!