Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not to toot our own horn...

But I'm going to anyways!

An excerpt from a review given of our OSSCS Messiah concert this past Sunday:

"Though the soloists play an exciting, glamorous, and integral part in every Messiah performance, the true stars of Sunday’s Messiah were the Seattle Chamber Singers, who served as the musical and inspirational backbone of the production. This enthusiastic choir, celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, delivered rousing performances throughout the concert, whether echoing the sentiments of a soloist or establishing a new mood. It was evident from the singers’ joyful expressions that the annual Messiah tradition is a labor of pride and love...

Shangrow’s vast experience and deep knowledge of the Messiah was delightful to behold. Each verse came alive in a different way, yet an overarching vision for the work was sustained."

And don't worry if you missed it this's an annual tradition!

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The Moore Family said...

Yeah Courters!!! Sooo amazing!!!