Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Favorite Day of the Year (or one of them...)

Getting the tree and decorating the house!!!

As I mentioned earlier, I am a Christmas nut and love just about everything about this time of year. So naturally that means I am one of those people who like to get the tree up and house decorated almost immediately following Thanksgiving.

This past Sunday, Nick and I went to the adorable tree farm out in Redmond (which we determined last year would become a tradition. Yay to us for sticking with it!), to find our tree.
My favorite tree of all is the Noble Fir but I am also quite fond of the Frazier as well. However, unfortunately as we were told from one of the little teenagers working the farm, these two trees had a rough year. The only ones you could find were the pre-cut ones which not only are much more expensive than cutting down a tree on your own...we decided a bit against the point of driving all the way out to a tree farm when you are going to cut your own tree.

So we searched and searched and found a happy little, lovely smelling, gorgeous little tree. I am quite pleased!



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Michelle said...

Fun!!! I heart your cute tree! I cannot wait to go do this...perhaps we will go to the farm in Redmond as well? I need to get the info from you! :)