Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April Showers...

To welcome in our soon-to-be May flower! (or I suppose possibly June flower, but lately I've been feeling more like she'll be here earlier than later...)

Baby girl and I were so blessed again this weekend with TWO more incredible showers. It means so much to gather with so many special friends and family and to know that she will come into this world with so many amazing women as her role models!

Me and Auntie Courty, the hostess. The cute cake is made up of about 40 diapers...


Then on Sunday (which was a gorgeous spring day here in Seattle), my good friend Amy hosted at her house...more delicious food, more fabulous friends and adorable gifts!

Yahoo!! Who's excited for some baby butt paste?!

Towards the end of the shower, Miss Addie came home and was curious where my baby was...I explained that she was still in my belly, and shortly after we saw her come out with her "baby" aka stuffed animal shoved up her shirt! I thought it was pretty hysterical. Dave thought it was pretty weird.

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Michelle said...

Ha! That made me laugh!