Monday, April 5, 2010

My peeps


We had a lovely Easter celebration this weekend! Church included some of my favorite songs, and was followed by Easter brunch with some of my favorite peeps. We hosted at our place this year with most of Nick's siblings and enjoyed some seriously good food.


I knew it would be a good idea to Paul in charge of dessert. Red Velvet cake from Whole Foods. AMAZING. The dangerous fact though is that half of the cake is leftover and still sitting in my kitchen. Uh-oh.


Lauren said...

You are so creative, cute use of peeps! It was good running into you the other day, you look fabulous! Hope I look half as good when I'm preggars!

Michelle said...

That is a seriously cute idea! I love the peep namecards! Remind me to tell you the cutest story from my Easter brunch involving Finley & a peep :)

parksrosa said...

Hi there,

I just chanced upon your blog via facebook. Found it very refreshing so stopped to say "I like it". All the best with the arrival of your little princess!