Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Maternity Pics

This weekend we were lucky enough to have our good friend Erin Ewing take some family and maternity photos for us. She did such an amazing job and we couldn't be more pleased...I will treasure these pictures and memories of this time in our life always.

I couldn't resist posting a few of my favorites here...
Family 11

Couple 10

Couple 4

Courtney 50

Courtney and Max 2

Tummy 10

Tummy 12

Thank you Erin...you ROCK!


Matt and Teresa said...

The pics are gorgeous! Can't wait to see you and your belly this weekend.

Marge said...

Beautiful pics - she captured you perfectly :) Again, you are just the most darling preggers girl - you defintly have "the glow". XO

Lyndsy said...

These turned out so great. Love the hunter boots and yellow cardigan. You look absolutely incredible! I cannot wait to see pics of that beautiful babe :)