Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Top 5

As I near the end of my pregnancy (still kind of can't believe it!), I thought I'd share with you all my Top 5 Must Have Items. These tangible things have given me the most comfort throughout these 9 months...tested by me, passed on to you!

Maternity Leggings
Probably the most worn item of clothing I've had throughout being comfy and yet still staying somewhat stylish, right? (don't worry, I would wear a longer shirt over them) Some people prefer the maternity pants with the elastic waistband...not me. Give me the high panel/over the belly leggings any day of the week!
Bella B Tummy Honey Butter
(thanks to my girl Delane for recommending this stuff!)
Knock on wood...but so far, either genes or this tummy butter have prevented me from getting any stretch marks on my belly. It smells good and has an almost gritty texture that at least makes me feel like it's doing something right. I've used it from beginning to end!

The Snoogle
(no that's not me modeling for you)
Thanks to this amazing little invention, I've been able to get some precious z's throughout my pregnancy-- even now when I am quite large. It's a body pillow amped up, and although not the most romantic item (it creates quite the barrier between Nick and I each night), Pun intended.

Ice Cream
Have I had any strange cravings? Nope. Just ice cream. And what is strange about that? Nothing! What's not to love? Creamy deliciousness that I indulge myself in, probably 5-6 nights per week. You think I'm joking but I'm not. I justify it with the fact that usually it will be a light version like the Dryers Slow Churned, but who needs justification really when it is so darn good?

Pre-Natal Yoga
Hands down best thing I have done/experienced during pregnancy. I've always loved yoga and initially going to a pre-natal class is a little different because you aren't sweating it out and getting the intense workout that you'd be used to with Bikram or Vinyasa yoga. However, the benefits are incredible. Learning about our bodies, practicing movements to help through labor, stretching, sharing stories...these classes have been the thing that has made me feel most prepared for child birth. Love them!


Michelle said...

I love your top 5! Thanks for sharing! Funny that leggings (the non-maternity kind) and ice cream are probably in my general top 5 things for life right now as well ;)

Lyndsy said...

Great top 5! I can't believe you are getting so close to the big day! Glad you have found some great things tho help you get through these 9 months! You look fab!

The Felton Fam said...

OK you are SO cute! I continue to endorse the slow churned post-natal as well!

lauraw said...

Is it totes inappropes to have a Snoogle if I'm not pregnant? I have been internet snooping them and... I want one now!