Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hold on.

Perhaps Wilson Phillips said it best. "Hold on for one more day."
In this instance I'm speaking to you Summer.
Hold on.

We are enjoying you so very much and we aren't quite ready to give you up. August and September have been so very lovely here, and while it seems the rest of the world is welcoming your friend Fall in with open arms...these arms remain folded shut to him. Stores tempt us with their cozy sweaters and boots, Starbucks tempts us with their delicious pumpkiny seasonal flavors, and even some trees are trying to trick us into thinking he's here by the changing of colors and shedding of leaves.

And while I have to admit Fall is my favorite of all seasons, I don't want him.
I want you Summer...for just a little bit longer.

We enjoyed a wonderful summer-filled Labor Day weekend in Walla Walla with my mama. Our days were filled with parade watching...

Parade WW


Go Big Blue (Yes, I joined in the fight song with the gals. From the side of course, I'm not a crazy person. Aaaah, the glory days...)


Hammock laying and book reading...


Catching up with old friends...


And lots of grammie time.


Yes have been good to us lately. We have loved playing on the swings...

Swings WW

Playing in the dirt...


Endless games of Peek-a-Boo...


Playing in the water...


Splashing in the water...


Have I mentioned we love the water?


Because we do.
And we love the sandy tooshies it gives little girls.


So please Summer? Hold on for us? Look! We're even asking really, really nicely!


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The Moore Family said...

We are begging for fall down here. .. for the same reason you want summer to last we want it to end! We want to be outside! We want to ride bikes!