Sunday, September 11, 2011


10 years ago.

Like so many people I remember exactly where I was today, 10 years years.

Senior year of college, coming downstairs from the live-out house lovingly name "The Whiskey" where I lived with 5 girlfriends, ...the television was on and Ailie was on the phone. It was early, but I always took the early morning classes so that part wasn't unusual. It was unusual for anyone else to be up besides Cabe, who faithfully made it to the gym in the mornings, rain or shine. Ailie's boyfriend, now husband, was working in D.C. and called her early to alert her about what was happening.

From that moment on, we were glued to the television. Classes didn't happen that day. Our hands instinctively covered our mouths in shock and horror as we watched the second plane hit. What was happening? Is this for real? I can't believe this is really happening.

From that moment on, we were changed. Our eyes were opened to the cruelty of the world. Our nation grieved and mourned all we had lost. We prayed.

Today, we will remember.

A young man who was 14 when he lost his fall on 911 said today, on these anniversaries we choose to not focus on the loss, but rather celebrate the life. Quite a wise young man.

And so today, I will say a thankful prayer to all those amazing men and women who worked to save so many in the aftermath. I will say a hopeful prayer of peace for those families who are still working through their loss.

I will do the things we so often take for granted and think about how very fortunate we are to have our freedoms. Things like working in the yard, going for a run, getting groceries, rocking my baby to sleep. Simple things really, but big things.

I will shed a tear at the State Farm commercial during the Seahawks game with the children singing "Empire State of Mind" to the firemen.

I will listen to Country music, because I mean, genre really pulls at those patriotic heartstrings like Country music.

Yes, today indeed we will remember. And while it can be daunting and overwhelming to think about all the hurt, and problems, and hatred there are out in that big bad world...there is also a lot of good. And as my sweet dad always reminded me, if we look for the good in the world, we'll find it.

It's there.

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The Moore Family said...

I remember being so sick to my stomach with worry. . Jonny was serving his mission on Staten island, NY at the time. After the first plane hit the world trade towers, he and his companion jumped on the Staten island ferry and the second plane flew over his head and hit the towers. They realized then it wasn't an accident. Always a good reminder to hold your love ones close!