Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend.

This Memorial Weekend we returned home to Walla Walla to remember.
To celebrate.
To laugh, cry, and surround ourselves in all things that remind us of him: shrimp creole, Beaujolais music, heartfelt toasts, a drive into the mountains, a look through old pictures...

Because 10 years ago my sweet dad said good-bye to us.
We drove up 5,300 feet in elevation into the Blue Mountains to try and reach Yellow Jacket Point...his special look out point that he knew he wanted as his final resting place.

The snow drifts kept us from reaching our final destination this trip up, but I realize now he was probably looking down smiling at us the whole time.

Because to him...it was never really about the final destination, it was all about the journey.
We miss you dad.
We miss your sweet smile and your calming presence.
We miss your teasing nature and your reminders for us to all "be pleasant".

Thank goodness we have so many wonderful memories to hold close to our hearts.
And thank goodness you were ours.
Because you were the best.


The Moore Family said...

Oh Courters, I can't believe it has been 10 years. What a man!! I will never forget the many many times he jump started my car, greeted me with a smile, teased us for listening to the body guard again (which was undeserved), coming home to blaring music as he made gumbo, sweet drives to school, him cleaning out the pool, smiling on at you from the sidelines at volleyball games, and just emanating love for his sweet family and their friends that came along.

Kris said...

What a beautiful weekend to honor Art. He was such an amazing man and no doubt he was looking down smiling at his family going to his favorite look-out place. Love you and your family Corks!

Amy Lovik said...

Wow, that is such a sweet and heartfelt post Courtney.

Jamieofalltrades said...

Such a great post. All the photos are so many great memories. I love that your blanket made an appearance too! :) xxoo

MK said...

What a perfect tribute! I was happy we were there this weekend to honor and celebrate all that made your dad special. I know he was chuckling as we tried to get up that mountain to his special place - I think somewhere there must have been an arrow in the snow - pointing the way. Each year about this time I feel like we all say good bye again -- and that we also renew our vow to 'live each day'!
Love you! - Auntie Kay

Beth said...

Thank you,Courtney. Such a sweet post for such a sweet man. He was the best big brother any girl could ever want. I've been thinking of you all with much love and continuing to 'look for all the good in the world' - Auntie Beth

Mike and Kim said...

What a sweet post friend. I'm sure your Dad is so proud of you and your family and the fantastic mother/wife/friend/daughter you have become.