Saturday, June 2, 2012

My almost two year old.

I can hardly believe that it's been two years since this little love stole our hearts.

  For me, birthdays and celebrations always seem to lend themselves to reflection and a look back at the previous year thinking, "Look how far we've come!"

As we approach the big 2 I am overwhelmed and overjoyed at what a special and wonderful little person our girl is growing into. I know that people say they are the Terrible Two's, and while I admit there are most definitely challenging times and breakdowns (possibly more to occur)...I wholeheartedly LOVE this age!
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Everything is new...every day something new to be discovered, and watching her little mind work and learn is such a treasure.
She loves her friends.
I delight in watching them together now because for the first time the kiddos are actually playing together vs. just side-by-side independant play. I hope she continues to delight in her special friendships throughout her life...
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PEPS party at our house a few weeks ago.

She is inquisitive and curious...
and she is goofy and silly.
She is completely independant and wants to do everything by herself...
but then quickly realizes she may "nee hep" and isn't afraid to ask for it.

She greets everyone with a smile and a wave and doesn't know a stranger...
But then at times in large group situations, she becomes very shy and sticks close to mama or daddy's side until she's warmed up.
She can be quite particular and she most definitely knows what she wants...
and she is our pride and joy.
I love you Miss Gracie.
I love watching all the different sides of your personality blossom.
You make me so very happy.
Happy birthday weekend baby.

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